January 30

Welcome to the main page for my incredibly vast media emporium!


Here’s where you can find more:

My main blog, including reviews

I’ve been blogging since 1997, back when blogging software didn’t exist and each entry had to be entered with html onto a web page. Mine was hosted by GeoCities. My page was in the neighborhood Area51, if you were curious. Later I moved to LiveJournal. The archives here don’t go back quite that far, but feel free to check them out.

Book Reviews, Specifically

I’m trying to get back on the book/story reviewing train, so I’ve set up a mini blog to hold those reviews in one specific place.

My parenting blog (rarely updated)

I started a pregnancy/parenting blog when I was pregnant with Nikola, who was born in 2009. I’ve trailed off posting because he’s getting old enough he wants some say in his life.

Fiction writing

I’ve been writing stories both short and long since I was a kid. I have some works in progress here.

Secret Chicago

In addition to various diverse fiction writings, I have a series of flash fiction about the secret history of Chicago.

My Etsy Store

I’ve recently started selling things on Etsy. Please feel free to give me money.

My Twitter

Have you ever wanted to hear every tiny thought that echos around my brain? Now’s your chance! I ramble on here about feminism, Star Wars, vampires, and whatever movie I’m watching. Also: the complaining. Oh, the complaining!

My Facebook.

My face book gets far less activity

Wish List

If you ever wanted to randomly give me a present, I’d be very happy to randomly receive a present.


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