Definitions and Adventures

Definitions and Adventures

Niko came up to me today and asked what a Biyyo is. He has trouble with medial-Ls still so I tried to piece together what he was asking. Billow? Pillow? I told him I didn’t know.

“A biyyo is when you GET RIWEY LOUD JUST LIKE THIS!” he informed me.


He provided a few more examples of bellowing as I loaded the dish washer and then wandered into his bedroom.

Niko’s going on an adventure tonight! He’s going to try a sleep over at his baba’s house. Nesko and I are going to see “The Hobbit” tonight with a friend, but that should be wrapping up around 9 or 10 so Niko totally freaks out and MUST come home, we’ll be able to fetch him home at a reasonable time. And if not, we can grab dinner after the movie. Wish us luck. He’s never been very interested in sleeping anywhere but our house, but if we can get him used to sleeping at baba’s it’ll make life a lot easier for us.

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