Sick Kids

Sick Kids

The past few days Niko’s been really on edge. You know the drill, sleeping poorly and flying off the handle at the smallest inconvenience, being super clingy, wanting to sleep with us, etc. It came to a head yesterday when he got more and more listless and eventually just curled up on his little pink Little Tykes plastic chair, swaddled in blankets, resting his head on the table. He’d only picked at his lunch. I asked him if he’d like to sit on the couch with me. “I wish I could, but I just can’t.” I picked him up and carried him to the couch and took his temperature. 100*. Funtimes.

He lay limply on the couch until nap time, volunteered to lie down, snuggled into bed with his hands folded under his cheek like a Victorian illustration of ideal childhood innocence, and only wanted one story. Then he slept for four hours. He awake mewling piteously for his tata but didn’t really object furiously to my presence. He sacked out on the couch and nursed his 99.9* fever and sipped orange juice. When Nesko came home, Niko ordered him to “go into your bedroom and put on comfy pants!” and then sat on Nesko’s lap on the couch for most of the evening. He didn’t eat much dinner, including the special chocolate cookie Nesko brought him. He didn’t even object much when Nesko trimmed his fingernails.

He went down with no struggle.

He joined us in bed during the tiny hours of the morning, settled right in, and for once did not thrash around and kick and pull hair. He just snuggled and slept. Nesko’s alarm went off and woke him up and Niko got out of bed to give Nesko a hug. Nesko asked Niko if he wanted to snuggle back into bed with me and Niko said no, he wanted to snuggle into his OWN bed. He slept until about 9, and I luxuriated and dozed (already busting up a minor resolution to improve my sleep habits by going to bed earlier and getting up at the same time every day OH WELL). I got up when I heard Niko go into the bathroom.

He was bright and cheerful. And hungry.

“I’m hungry!” he said. I asked him what he was hungry for. “I am hungry for everything! I’m hungry for everything on the earth.” Only he says “earth” like “erff.” I started cutting him up an apple while he told me about his morning.

“I went back to sleep and then I woke up while you were asleep. I said “oh, what a great morning to be awake!” and then I opened up my window.” By which he means he climbs onto the radiator in front of his window (which is off, we have central heat), perches there until he feels steady, then slowly stands up and grasps the cord of his mini blinds and raises them. Then he gingerly turns around, surveys the floor, and scoots down until he’s off the radiator. So he was basically doing mini mountain climbing.) He also told me that Nesko fixed his shelf, which is a recent addition to his room and which wasn’t firmly attached because there’s apparently something big and hard inside the wall. Nesko wound up affixing the shelf to the wall with command strip hook and loop tabs (it is a very small shelf) and Niko pulled the shelf off the wall WITH! A! FLOURISH! because he’s a consummate showman. He prattled on about his day and made his breakfast selections and when I took his temperature it was normal.

He’s eaten about half his breakfast and is now claiming to be full, which is slightly less than he eats on a good day. He’s making a “house” out of our big coffee table and burnt orange velvet chair and various blankets and stuffed animals, is pretty cheerful, but is also getting frustrated really quickly and his temperature’s back up to 99*. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes. He’s singing right now, and moving furniture around, which is a good sign but he’s also pausing to freak out that I won’t move his giant plastic slide over by the coffee table house so he can use it as a door, even though that would mean trapping me on the couch unable to get up. Which wouldn’t be the end of the world, really, oh no! Can’t get off the couch! But I made same bad dietary decisions last night and need access to the bathroom this morning. Oh cheese cake, why don’t you love me as much as I love you?

He’s using his little pink chair and a cardboard box as his door, and installing them some plastic tools his djedo got him. “I just realized! I didn’t install them yet! With my fake tools! I need to screw in the screws! That’s all I needed, my screw driver and my hammer!” Aw, bless. He’s eating more breakfast under the table, crunching away in privacy. “I’m eating inside my little house under the table!”

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  1. I am glad his mystery toddler illness was (probably) short lived. Caroline did that incredible sleeping/listless/foodless thing for a while – it took me a full week to get her to the doctor because “tired” and “gets frustrated easily” are just TODDLER THINGS. I really really wish you lived close enough for our boys to build forts together.
    Suzanne recently posted..Facebook Likes Are Not A Measure of Value

  2. I’m really hoping Niko can get into preschool this fall so he has more actual kids his own age to hang out with. Nesko’s cousin has some kids a few years older than him who he adores, and they are very loving & accommodating of him, but they aren’t his age. So yeah, I wish we lived close to you, too! I think Niko would have a blast with both Evan and Caroline. :)

    Niko’s hardly ever sick, he’s really healthy. I feel so lucky! I’m sure this’ll change when he’s in school. But yeah, “acting like an asshole” is a big “incoming sickness” flag, as is being generally listless.

  3. omg more of this narration please. I so want to come play with youse guys. I GUESS the gingers can come too.