“Rainy Day” Activities: A List

“Rainy Day” Activities: A List

What do you do with your little kid when you can’t go out and play? Maybe it’s raining, or too cold, or too hot, or you’re waiting for a phone call, or someone’s repairing your roof, or whatever. What do you do when you’re just stuck in the house and your kid is antsy and ready to explode? Here’s a list of stuff you can do!

  • “Emboss” foil. Get a sheet of foil, the thicker the better, and smooth it out on a flat surface like a table. Hand kiddo something with a dull point like a spoon handle, chop stick, paint brush end, etc and have them draw or write something. Then flip it over. The part they pressed on is now sticking out!
  • Grand! Prize! Game! Remember WGN’s Bozo The Clown Show? One of the games was the GRAND! PRIZE! GAME!!!!!!! Get some buckets, cups, mugs, tupperware, paper bags, whatever and line them up in a line. Hand your kid a bunch of ping pong balls or wadded up pieces of paper. Have them stand in one place and try to get the ball in each of the containers.
  • Masking Tape Is Awesome. Use masking tape to make a hop scotch grid on the floor. Or a maze. Or a road or train tracks for vehicles. Or mark out squares/sections they need to scoot/throw/roll toys onto/inside of.
  • Have a picnic on the floor. Spread out a blanket or towel or something and have lunch/dinner/snack on the floor. Sing campfire songs and tell stories.
  • Blanket Pillow Fort. Just give in and tear the whole house up. Make the biggest blanket and pillow fort you can, then snuggle in and read stories. Or play hide and seek.
  • Put on a puppet show. Use stuffed animals, or draw some characters on a piece of paper (or cut some people/animals out of a magazine) and tape them to straws or popsicle sticks (or just hold them up). Crouch down behind the table so the action happens on top of it and kiddo can’t see you. Then trade places and have your kid put on the show.
  • Play catch with a wadded up ball of paper or foil. It’s lightweight, so less likely to knock things over/break things.
  • Play Simon Says, or Red Light Green Light in a long hallway, or the statue game, or hide and seek, or blind man’s buff.
  • Cook or bake something.
  • Bust out those art supplies.
  • Got board games? Now’s a great time to pull them out. If you have a kid who’s too young/immature for games, modify the rules or put that kid on someone’s “team” so they can still participate without getting overwhelmed.
  • Story time! Have your kid tell a story while you write it down, if they are pre-literate… or even if they aren’t!
  • Picture time! Draw something your child tells you to. Don’t worry about being a crap artist, kids pretty much don’t care.

If all else fails? Fuck it. Turn the TV on.


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