Big Announcement

Big Announcement

Just wanted to take a moment to say I have a big announcement, something really ground breaking and earth shaking.

I’m getting married.

“But Brigid!” I can hear you exclaim, “you’re already married!”

I know, I know. I thought I was too!

But very soon, I will be marrying an old friend, Elliot.

“But Brigid,” you continue, “Isn’t Elliot married to someone already?”

That was my question, also! But apparently Nesko and John (Elliot’s husband) have secretly married EACH OTHER and now Elliot and I must wed.

Nikola and Beka sit at a table, talking.

Nikola and Beka discuss the upcoming nuptials.

Nikola and Beka spent the day together and decided that they are siblings. Niko is the big brother and Beka is the big sister and Baby (you all remember Baby, right?) is the baby sister, and Elliot and I are getting married.

They discussed the wedding in detail.

Beka is going to be the flower girl, and Niko is going to be the ring guy. You know. The guy with the ring. And Elliot and I are going to get married and I’m going to wear a big fancy dress. I might get turned into a bear at some point, in fact it’s pretty much assured that I will be, but don’t worry! Beka will turn me back and then I will be A PRINCESS. I’m not entirely certain how I’m going to break the news to Nesko but apparently he’s been playing house with some dude so whatever to him. WHATEVER.

Beka and Nikola read a book.

Beka and Nikola read a book.

Niko and Beka had a really good time. They get along well together and of course it’s always great hanging out with Elliot (my future husband, remember) because we’re nerdy in a lot of the same ways and can really dig into super dorky stuff. The kids spent hours playing together. At one point Baby fell on her head and broke her head and all her bones stuck out, so they took her to the doctor (but only after she finished eating her breakfast) and Niko doctored her by cutting her head off and examining it and then putting it back on. They also played Barbies (they are equally interested mostly in playing with the baby Barbies), played with big tunnels, drew pictures, ate pizza, and stuck googly eyes on a bunch of stuff.

Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up

At one point, Niko got upset that Beka had a princess dress and he didn’t, so he put a bucket on his head as a hat and became a watermelon salesman and sold her a watermelon for one coin. As it turned out, it was an enchanted watermelon and everyone it hit in the head turned into a watermelon princess. I… got hit in the head a lot. Maybe I’ll craft myself a watermelon themed wedding dress.


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