Tor Opens Novella Submissions May 1
Publishing Opportunities / April 17, 2018

Tor has opened novella submissions May 1 to May 15. Tor is specifically looking for speculative fiction between 20,000 and 40,000 words, especially from marginalized writers. Check out their guidelines and Current Publications List to get a feel for what they need and what they publish. You can submit your novella here. Good luck!

“Cutting Teeth,” by Kirsty Logan

“Cutting Teeth,” by Kirsty Logan, is a story about choices; in many ways it’s about the choices that we all make as we enter adulthood, as we live and stretch in relationships. It’s a story about potential. It’s a story about men and women. The narrator is reminiscing, or spinning a story, or simply narrating, the story of their conception and the life of them and their parents prior to their birth. The child’s mother, Ash, is a hunter who runs with a wolf, as a wolf, under the moon and brings home her prey to carve, to salt, to season, to dress. She uses their meat and fur and feathers and bone, as hunters do. The child’s fathers are Caleb, who runs Loch Ness boat tours, and Zev, who is a wolf. Caleb doesn’t know about Zev, does’t know about Ash’s other, wilder life. Caleb doesn’t know about the wild child, half wolf and half human, shifting between two states, in Ash’s womb. Of course, Ash doesn’t know just how wild Caleb’s friends – his very human friends – are until she encounters them drunk in her living room. Ash and Caleb need to make decisions about who they…

‘Logistics,’ by A. J. Fitzwater

“Logistics,” by A. J. Fitzwater, is the story of one person’s post-apocalyptic quest for tampons. And food, water, shelter, etc. But tampons are key. “Logistics” follows Enfys, a non-binary AFAB individual who was in the middle of top surgery when a super powerful flesh eating bacteria got of hand, sweeping across the Earth. They were hastily stitched up after a partial mastectomy, cared for by a nurse who saw them through minor infection and healing, and then hit the road. Much of the Earth has just been… devastated by this… and most news and communication is being broadcast by what sounds like YouTube style web channels. The story is quasi-epistolary, or diarist, but instead of letters or journal entries it’s transcription of videos. This is something that’s hard to do, but Fitzwater captures Enfys’ conversational tone very well and manages to not be corny. A fuller picture of the crises unfolds slowly. Enfys, after all, assumes that everyone knows what happens. There’s no huge info dump, just a lot of little clues. WHO botched things. The northern hemisphere is “up in smoke” (leaving “the second/third world” to pick up the pieces and fix the shit “the first world” caused). People…