January 6, 2018

I’ve been slapdashedly reviewing books for over a decade, and decided to put together a central place to hold the reviews I put up on GoodReads and Amazon. Please feel free to leave a comment, and/or suggest a book for me to review.

While I’ll be reviewing older books and short stories, I’m trying to focus on more recent things… especially with regard to short stories and Hugo eligibility.


Do you accept review copies?
I do accept review copies, but may not review them if I don’t like the book or find it too ~~problematic~~. If you find my reviews valuable or fun, consider getting me a subscription to magazines like Clarkesworld, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, On Spec, Shimmer,Analog, Locus, and more.

What is “Own Voices”?
“Own Voices” refers to stories about marginalized characters as told by authors who share their marginalization. There’s a vast difference, for instance, between a white person writing a story about a Korean-American kid finding love and a Korean-American writing the same. People writing about their own experience tend to avoid the casual ingrained racism, ablism, sexism, etc that so often haunt otherwise decent stories.

Will you advertise my book-related kickstarter?
Maybe, especially if I’ve reviewed your work or media your work has appeared in. I’m unlikely to recommend work I’m unfamiliar with unless it’s being talked up by people I know and trust.

Unless otherwise noted, all images associated with the reviews originate from the magazines/books/websites the stories are from. They may be illustrations for specific stories, or front covers for the magazine/book the story is from.

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