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October 2nd 2010 in demonology, malakhim, mythology, world building

The creatures currently known popularly as angels were once known as the Malakhim (plural; Malakh singular), and called themselves the Malak’hai. While it hasn’t been proven, some demonologists claim that the Malak’hai are a type of, or closely related to, demons. Either way, long ago the creatures allied themselves with various human Gods. As Judaism (and then Christianity and Islam) rose in influence and other religions waned, the Malak-hai primarily shifted their allegiance to the Judeo-Christian (and Muslim) God(s).

Most Demons have at least a limited ability to shape shift; the Malak’hai share at least this much with them. Their true form is an Elemental one, which humans do not have the capacity to see or understand. All forms visible to the human eye are assumed forms. Malak’hai usually have several forms, which seem to be set for the individual.

  • Elemental Form (indescribable)
  • A Visible Elemental Form (a burning bush, a voice in the wind, a pillar of water or fire, etc)
  • A Metaphorical Form (thousands of wings and eyes, a circle of flaming swords, a pillar of darkness with eyeballs in it, surrounded by lightning, etc) (often used for intimidation)
  • A Human-esque Form (an upright, bipedal body with or without wings that looks relatively human, albeit beautiful)

All Malak’hai have the ability to fly, and do not need wings to do so. It is difficult, if not impossible, to hurt them in any form save their Human one. They have Gifts and Abilities depending on their Function: who they are and the duties they perform.

Malak’hai in Human form are lovely to behold, and it is possible for them to breed both with other Malak’hai and with humans.


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