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October 2nd 2010 in common, demonology, demons, mythology, world building

The demons known as “Incubus” and “Succubus” are the same, mislabeled by human confusion over the sanctity of gender. There are not solely male and female demons of this type. Rather, there is one race of shape shifting demons which alters gender at will, according to taste: both its own taste, and the taste of its prey.

Where an Incubus– or Succubus– loves, death follows.  They are drawn to the despondent, the suicidal, the alone; those who have no love, no ties, to the world. When the Incubus finds such a one, it moves in and loves that person. And that is the tragedy of the Incubus, make no mistake. For they do love, and love deeply, those they feed upon. The object of the Demon Lover’s love is adored and cherished and cared for and treasured, even as the Incubus takes the person’s energy, live, passion, health, and ultimately life. Incubi tend to their prey, nurture them, feed them, tidy up after them, praise them, and share amazing sex with them. Incubi enter every relationship with a human fully aware that for all their love and passion, they will kill that person; they will lose that person; that it is their fault.

Most Incubi console themselves with the thought that their prey are people who would have died anyway, and soon: at their own hands, due to their own neglect, at the hands of tormentors. They allow the person to spend their last weeks, months, (even, sometimes, years), in blissful love and desire. But at the end, the Demon’s Beloved is still dead, never to return.

There is something compelling about Incubi. Even when their physical appearance may be over all plain, the plain-ness accentuates the desirability of the Incubus. They are creatures of desire, and their smell and movements and speech and mode of dress all reflect this.

It can be difficult to tell Incubi from other demons. Their eyes tend to be a little too bright, a little too non-human. They wear their nails longer than is fashionable, in male form. Their skin is warm to the touch, sometimes hot. They do not need to eat food, but will do so to blend in with their surroundings, or simply to enjoy the physical pleasure of really good food.

It is possible, should one realize that one has been targeted by an Incubus, to Turn the Incubus from him. One must Deny the Incubus, Deny its love, Deny its very existence. If one can do this firmly, strongly, enough the Incubus will fade, will become insubstantial. It is hard to say if this will kill an Incubus. Those who survive to adulthood are very resilient.


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