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This page created September 30th 2010

This is a repository for short and long original fiction, works-in-progress, and roleplaying/world building exercises by Brigid Keely Barjaktarevic.

Works In Progress Include:
Cassie’s parents died a year ago, and the loss is still a raw and oozing wound. She misses them, and her uncle and aunts and cousins, and hates her “new” family, her new home, her new town, and her new school. She doesn’t understand why her father’s relatives, who always treated her as one of them, didn’t fight to gain custody of her, and she feels betrayed.

She’s used to a rural environment, running barefoot through long grass, going to school with people whose families have been close for generations. She misses eggs still warm from the hen, tomatoes eaten hot and juicy from the vine, and earth rich zucchini eaten for months after its harvested. She misses her large group of cousins and close friends and hitching rides and long bicycle trips “to town.” Now she lives in the suburbs in a funeral home run by her uncle and his girlfriend. She doesn’t know anyone at school, and her classmates see her as outsider belonging to a weird and kind of creepy family.

When a too-good-looking-to-be-true boy her age transfers to the school and starts paying special attention to her, is it her ticket to acceptance among her peers?

King of Thieves
Hob grew up in a whore house in Belletown, her mother being the Mistress of the House. When she was 11, her father, a spy masquerading successfully as a traveling actor, was very surprised to find that he had a child. She joined him and his long time partner, her “uncle,” and their troupe and learned many things. She learned to tumble and juggle and act, she learned many languages, she learned to ride horses with and without saddle, she learned to pick pockets and coax reluctant windows and doors and mouths to open, she learned to grease palms, she learned to trade information, and she learned from Zinzario the strong man how to lay a man flat with one blow.

When her father and her uncle are killed in the line of duty, she abandons spying. She turns her attentions to the seedy underbelly of the burgeoning city and uses Zinzario’s teachings and her mighty fists and skill at manipulating people to gather all the disparate gangs and criminal element under her control.

She is the “King of Thieves,” enjoying her status and influence, enjoying her city, and enjoying her actress lover Aven and their children. Then the past she thought was buried with her father rises to confront her, threatening to destroy everything she’s worked to build.

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