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The Blatherings Of A Blitherer

100 words: train ramp


She walked down the ramp, air hanging like dog’s breath around her. Cars zooming past on the highway banking either side of the concrete strip of the train station created a thick breeze that wafted her shirt up, exposing her belly. The breeze also flicked through her hair, caressed her scalp. The wind was warm, but cooled her scalp where it rifled through her hair. She kicked a glossy green round of broken glass, the bottom of a beer bottle, ahead of her as she walked. It skittered across the fractured surface of the ramp, hit the bank of the wall with a chittery noise. The wind fell still, and then picked up again, blowing through the top of the wall as she walked towards the train in the distance.


130 words

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“100 words: train ramp”

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