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Really Boring Post About My Hair


I cut off all my hair a while ago, going from waist length to… well… considerably shorter.

Here’s a photo from about a month ago. My hair isn’t really that dark, btw.

Here’s a photo that shows how long it was in the front.

Here it is from last weekend, rather longer. And red.

I dunno. My hair looks so dark in the first photo you can’t really tell the difference. Anyway. My hair’s kind of orangey red, and already fading as the color’s only good for 8-10 washes or whatever.

I’m thinking of doing a cartoon with step by step instructions on how to dye your hair.

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“Really Boring Post About My Hair”

  1. On June 2nd, 2007 at 2:43 pm Brenna Says:

    When I saw the short hair pictures on your Flickr, it threw me for a second. I was all—”She used to have more hair!”

    It’s a cute cut. Lucky you with lighter hair that is easy to dye.