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Type O Negative/Josh Silver Interview at Alterati


Alterati has a podcast interview with Josh Silver, of Type O Negative up. It’s a good and interesting interview about the band, its evolution, its humor, etc. There’s a good use of music in it. Check it out if you have half an hour or so.

Brenna, I recomended TON to you earlier, don’t know if you ever got around to listening to them. There’s 2 of their songs in entirety on the podcast, and some stuff in the background as well.

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“Type O Negative/Josh Silver Interview at Alterati”

  1. On June 3rd, 2007 at 5:38 pm Brenna Says:

    They’re the ones that don’t take themselves seriously, correct? I watched a handful of their videos on YouTube. I’ll have to give a listen.