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Two Appalling Drivers


I was at the Cumberland CTA station waiting for the bus (they’ve very cleverly timed things so that the bus pulls away just as the train pulls in, leaving passengers stuck at the CTA station for 10-20 minutes waiting for the next bus) and amusing myself by watching idiots drive the wrong way down the circular kiss’n’ride area. This area is both clearly marked and also designed to make it difficult to go the wrong way (and obvious that you’re going the wrong way), but people persist in going the wrong way anyway. Possibly they do it on purpose because they’re assholes, like those dipshits who honk at pedestrians who prevent them from blowing through stop signs. So, anyway, I’m pretty used to watching people fuck up the kiss’n’ride and get all flustered  at people who are driving correctly. I’m also used to people driving nonchalantly through the buses only area, like it ain’t no thing.

Yesterday, however, was a day for very special drivers where “very special” means “rampaging asshole of epic proportions.”

The first driver started off by going the wrong way kiss’n’ride. He did some fun stuff like honk at people who were trying to go the correct way. However, unlike most drivers who pull over to let people pass or who pull into a bay to wait to pick passengers up or who turn around… he chose a different route. A route less traveled. A… unique… route.

Motherfucker drove over the raised sidewalk and into the no-cars buses-only area.

This little silver compact car heaved itself up over the curb, across the very wide section of sidewalk, and back down into the very clearly marked bus area, where it met a passenger who didn’t seem to be carrying anything heavy, and also didn’t seem to have any physical disabilities which would have made it necessary for the driver to spare her from walking an additional ten feet to the kiss’n’ride area.

I am very glad I wasn’t standing on that sidewalk.

The second driver was wearing a turquoise polo shirt. I know this because she and her party had parked their cars in the “no standing, drop off only” zone and then stood around on the sidewalk for ten or so minutes, and they all were wearing turquoise polo shirts and white pants. They piled into their SUV and drove off, only to return about ten minutes later. This time, they avoided the “no parking” area and instead pulled into the very clearly marked buses only area. A lot of people do this. The many signs saying “buses only” and “no cars” can’t possibly apply to them, you see, they are far too special. Their very special passengers can’t possibly be expected to walk a few additional yards. Their legs might fall off or something! So, y’know it’s pretty common for people to just blithely drive around the bus area.

The turquoise party, however, pulled up in front of a bus, and then honked at it. Because apparently, that bus was where they needed to be. The bus did not flee their turquoise polo shirted wrath, however, and in the end they sheepishly backed up out of the bus’s way. This was good, as it allowed the bus to pull a few additional feet forward, load up its passengers (including me) and get us all the hell home.

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“Two Appalling Drivers”

  1. On July 12th, 2007 at 11:10 am Brenna Says:

    The bus mall in Portland gives me similar people-disrespecting-buses activity. People are horrifying.