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Blue Poet has posted on Live Journal about a Planned Parenthood opening that’s being boycotted and protested against.

I guess women really don’t deserve access to health care, and don’t deserve education about their reproductive rights. Women are just a bunch of big ol’ dirty sluts, and if God wants them knocked up because of their sinful, dirty, sexin’ ways they should either give birth like a bunch of brood mares, or else look for a wire hanger.

Good times, eh?

She has a post that discusses it briefly, and mentions what you can do to help. Check it out.

I’m doing some digging as well, just some brief googling to see why people would protest a medical facility that provides medical care, birth control, and sexual health instruction to women who are often young, poor, or both.

Prolifeblogs says:

Aurora, Illinois is becoming GROUND ZERO in the fight against Planned Parenthood. Thanks to us, America is beginning to learn their truly sinister nature.

Their truly sinister nature of providing treatment for sexually transmitted infections, cancer screenings, and birth control? Oh, that is sinister.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the issue is solely about abortion, a medical procedure in the state of Illinois which is very legal.

“They [abortion protesters] know that it is futile to try to stop the clinic,” she said. “They come here to harass women.”

Abortion opponent Jessica Thomspon of Aurora, a registered nurse who works in an obstetrics unit, said the clinic wouldn’t be an issue if it were not going to offer abortions.

Dorothy Dwyer, a St. Charles resident who is an abortion-rights proponent, said at the rally on Aug. 16 she thinks the issue should focus more on the need for women’s health care.

“We stand for legalizing abortion and sex education for women,” Dwyer said. “Most of this is about health care and educating women.”

According to Planned Parenthood, the Aurora location will offer

  • * pregnancy testing
  • * a range of contraceptive options
  • * emergency contraception
  • * gynecological services
  • * Pap tests
  • * colposcopy services for abnormal Pap tests
  • * sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, including rapid HIV testing
  • * abortion services (both surgical and medication) with sedation options
  • * options counseling, including adoption referrals

Most of these services are, literally, services that will save lives or fertility. Untreated sexually transmitted diseases can render a woman completely infertile, and cancer is pretty much, y’know, deadly. SINISTER.

beepcentral.com states that

Aurora has limited reproductive health-care options for women, Planned Parenthood officials say.

In the past three years, the success of three suburban Express sites shows the need for increased services, they say. More than 13,700 patients visited the Naperville site alone last year, mostly for birth control.

“Many of those clients asked where can they get the full set of services,” Trombley said. “We didn’t have anywhere to refer them. They want us there.”

Less than 10 percent of their services are for abortions, he said.

A Pro-Life Protester has this lovely bon mot

“Planned Parenthood is bad news,” he said. “We consider it to be an enemy of the family, no matter what they’re doing.”

That’s right, ladies. Getting tested for cervical cancer means you’re an enemy of THE FAMILY. Trying to ensure that you’ll be alive to see your kids grow up? ENEMY OF THE FAMILY. Trying to not have more kids than you can safely and sanely care for? ENEMY OF THE FAMILY. Seeking contraceptives because you can not sustain a viable pregnancy? ENEMY OF THE FAMILY.

Get back in that kitchen and start pumpin’ out those babies, least someone tar you with the ENEMY OF THE FAMILY brush. As we all know, kids are the end all, be all, culmination of adulthood. Without babies, ladies, you are NOTHING. Doing anything to prevent babies, except for abstaining from sex, makes you a harlot. Plain and simple. A harlot, and deserving of pregnancy.

I always wonder, after reading about protests like this, about the women who are involved with them. How many kids do they have? What forms of birth control do they use? How do they pay for it? Because my very unscientific information gathering method leads me to believe that the people involved are:
comfortably middle class
with small families
In other words, they don’t have to scramble to pay for birth control. Their ovaries are controlled. They have chosen the family size they want. And now they’re sticking their heads into the uteruses of other women and dictating how and where they can make decisions about their own reproductive health.

Our Commander Guy, who insists that teens can have responsible sex lives using Abstinence Only Educations apparently hasn’t had sex in decades, and then only once, as his wife was only pregnant one time. Maybe that’s why he’s so keen on blowing stuff up. It’s the only outlet he has. I mean, that HAS to explain why his wife’s only been pregnant once, right? Because they’re abstinent? I mean, there’s NO WAY he could mandate abstinence only sexual health education for an entire country while at the same time having a wife who’s on the pill or somehow controlling her own procreation, right? That would just be MADNESS.

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