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I haven’t been super good about updating my BLAWG (or as a friend of mine puts it, “You’re from Chicago. You should say “BLAHG.”) So here’s a big dump of what’s been going on/what I’m up to.

1) I totally walked a mile this morning. My knee’s holding up ok, but my shins hurt.

2) I somehow managed to put on a dirty sweater this morning. It was in the clean clothes basket, but apparently I wore it once and spilled soup on the front. So I have food on my boobs and haven’t even eaten yet today. ACES.

3) Speaking of food, I had the most amazing dinner last night. Apparently, brussels sprouts can taste like something other than ass. WHO KNEW?

4) As has happened every single year previously, I have lost all interest in my NaNo story but have a million other ideas and plots and characters swimming around, including a story about Angels and God and what really happened with Lucifer. Hence my question concerning Lilith. How many of you took your source from Neil Gaiman? ;)

5) There’s a movie out (or coming out) based on the video game “HITMAN.” It features a fully clothed dude with a gun, and a woman wearing a thong panty and a see-through negligee, her butt thrust toward the viewer, the bulge of her genitala clearly visible. How is this a good idea? Or necessary? Well, I guess she can use that to distract people, and then she can run away, as she’s practically naked and unarmed.

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“All Kinds Of Crap”

  1. On November 9th, 2007 at 1:56 pm Eliza Says:

    Heh. Actually, as much as I adore Neil Gaiman, he can’t have credit for my Lilith knowledge. … The main character for one of my more ambitious projects is named Lilith Fortis, and I spent some time a while ago researching her mythological counterpart, mostly because my character is absolutely stark-raving-holy-shit-you-think-you-have-wings insane.

    Concerning the game… look on the bright side. How many real life guys would you like to see going around mostly naked? *shiver twitch*

  2. On November 9th, 2007 at 2:38 pm Brigid Says:

    OMG I love certifiably insane characters! :)

    What’s absolutely most offensive about the Hitman poster is that there’s two REALLY FUCKING AWESOME posters that refer directly to the game and look REALLY REALLY GOOD. yet the one I walk past on the way to work has visible labia. What. The. Hell. Seriously.