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ridin’ the bus


I was one of “those people” on the bus this evening.

I slid out of work and picked my way carefully over slushy icy pavement to the Belmont bus stop, where I ran into one of my co-workers (one of my favorite co-workers, too, and I’m not just saying that because she reads my blog). I got on the crowded bus because she did, and I wanted to talk smack about someone with her, because I’m petty and horrible. If she hadn’t been there, I’d have waited for the next bus, which would most likely have been almost entirely empty.

Instead, I stood in the aisle crammed up against people.

At one point I fell over, crushing into several people, and groped my co-worker. Uhm. I am so, so sorry. Seriously. Next time, I’ll buy you a drink first, ok? I also smacked not one but several people in the face with my bag as I flailed about haplessly.

A few minutes later, another passenger pointed out that there were a whole bunch of seats in the back of the bus and she wanted to get past me to sit down in them. As I scrambled to get back there also, I managed to block the rear exit doors, almost causing someone to miss his stop.

I was in rare form. RARE form.

But now I am home, and Nesko hauled out the Christmas stuff from storage, so all we have to do is tidy the living room and vacuum and we can set it all up. I want to rent a steam cleaner and clean our carpet and chairs, but I’ve been saying that very literally for years now, so I don’t know if it’ll actually happen or not.

My ears are also still doing better.

Nesko and I stopped into this body jewelry place on Harlem last night. It’s called IGUANA or something like that. It contained far more bongs and pipes than it did jewelry, and most of the jewelry it did have was toe rings and crap like that. It also smelled funny. I didn’t see cheap incense for sale, but that’s totally what it smelled like… like “Summer Africa Rain” and “Green Patchouli Ocean” and “Calming Mist Effervescence” and “Peace” and other crap incense that you can only really tell apart by the color because honestly it all smells pretty much the same, and totally doesn’t fool anyone when it comes to covering up the smell of your pot/dirty laundry/ferret/whatever.

I asked the woman behind the counter if her store sold Titanium jewelry (and kept wanting it call it joo-ry all night, I have no idea why). She said yes, and pointed to a selection of toe-rings and cellphone fobs. I said no, no, BODY JEWELRY. She said no, but I could take a look at their body jewelry and pointed me over to the case on the other side of the room. The middle room, I should note, was taken up with sunglasses, Chanel knock-off bags, and drug paraphernalia.  I mosied over to the other display case and saw some of the ugliest fucking belly danglies I’ve ever seen in my life. Like 80s earrings, but for the belly button, and caked in pink cubic zirconium. All the “serious” earrings were kept on a peg board behind the counter, in the dark. I couldn’t see them. At all. Yes, yes. I’m a glasses-face who needs a new prescription. But still. She hauled over a couple for us to look at, and they were uniformly shitty. Made of some cheap-ass metal, with big gaps between the edges of the ring and the ball. You know, because you WANT part of your earring to collect blood, lymph, crusties, shed skin cells, and bacteria, right? That’s a feature, right? That’s as designed, right?

We walked out of there empty handed.

There’s big old ice storms sweeping across the Midwest. Those of you in the area, keep warm and dry and safe, ok?

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4 Comments to

“ridin’ the bus”

  1. On December 11th, 2007 at 11:26 pm Brenna Says:

    Ew to gross jewelry.

    And I am one of Those People all the time. Only I’m the kind that eats messy stuff and looks like a hobo.

  2. On December 12th, 2007 at 12:59 pm Sara Says:

    Augh, you need better stuff.

    I went this week and had three good surgical steel continuous rings put into my ears; it wasn’t cheap, but they are nonreactive. Worth it….

    I’ve been patronizing the local high-end piercing and body-mod shop…very clean place.

  3. On December 12th, 2007 at 1:26 pm Brigid Says:

    Brenna, I’d throw you a high five, but as we’re both Those People we’d probably fall over or slap eachother in the face or something awesome like that. YES.

    Sara, that sounds really awesome. I’d love to see photos of how that turned out. I got a captive bead from a friend of mine who had extras. I’m going to clean it when I get home and see if it fits. Lucky me, eh? :D

  4. On December 13th, 2007 at 9:29 pm Brenna Says:

    Ooh, Brigid, I was purusing Etsy in my constant search for pretty, non-captive bead 14g earrings and found some silver and gold-filled ones that are actually decently priced. Can you only wear titanium? Email me either way, as I am going to forget I left this comment.