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White Christmas


I feel like I’m in a giant snow globe right now.

I’m on the couch looking out through our big bayed living room window at the trees outside covered thickly (frosted, even) with snow. It’s snowing right now, a little bit sideways, big fat flakes. It’s really, really pretty. And it’s just in time for Christmas.

Well, Christmas for Nesko, who is Eastern Orthodox and who celebrates Christmas on January 7th.

I can remember very few actual White Christmases. Usually it’d flurry around Thanksgiving, leave a dusting on the ground, melt, snow again, melt, maybe snow but not accumulate, a Brown Christmas would commence, and 5-10 days we’d get a big fat dollop of snow.

You know. Just in time for Serbian Christmas, as Nesko’s family calls it. The One True Christmas.

He and Gerry are headed out to play laser tag and arcade games. I’m staying at home in my pyjamas, working on polishing off the last of the cheap, non-fair-trade hot cocoa mix we have in the house and watching the snow fall. How are YOU spending the first day of the New Year?

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“White Christmas”

  1. On January 1st, 2008 at 2:53 pm Brenna Says:

    Slept in, talked with friends out in Boston who we miss dearly (one of them has a job through the Boston Public Library scanning for archive.org!), may go out a bit and look at the empty streets.

    Also, packing late holiday presents and my mom’s birthday present. She just had to have a birthday after Christmas and with a million non-shipping days in between the two.

    Our friends in Boston have discovered what real snow is, instead of the sprinkles we get here. I don’t envy them.

    Here’s to a year.