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“Light Rain” my ass


We have comcast as our (unreliable, expensive, fairly shitty) internet provider, and I never got around to changing my home page from Comcast’s stupid celebrity fake news home page to google.com on IE because I am fairly lazy. However, firefox and chrome both give my computer conniptions for whatever reason, so I’ve been using IE lately, even though it burns. So I opened up IE this morning intending to check the weather and see how long it’ll be raining.

Comcast’s forecast for Chicago?

“Light Rain.”

Actual weather in Chicago right now?

Heavy rain, wind gusts of about 11 mph, and a slightly flooded kitchen in our apartment from the window being open and the wind changing direction for about half a minute. This will apparently continue for several days, through the middle of the week, except for the flooded kitchen part because I’ve closed up all the windows and we have the central air on so hopefully when we go to bed tonight our sheets won’t be clammy and damp like they have been lately because we’ve had like 97% humidity. Also, every time I hug Nesko, we kind of stick together. Again, from the humidity.

We were going to head up to Wisconsin and check out this house up there. This is the fourth trip in a row we’ve had to cancel, and since we’re allegedly moving at the end of the month, time is running out.

I’ve been working really hard packing and cleaning, and you can tell, because 75% of our books are gone, leaving nothing behind but battered boxes (some of them ten years old! from college movin’ days!), dusty shelves, and a a really really messy apartment with everything in disarray. I’m at the stage now where I just want to throw some clothes in a bag and burn everything else because fuck it, I am so freakin’ tired of packing and moving and unpacking and all that. This is the longest we’ve lived in one place and even though we intended to stay here for years and years and years, we never actually finished unpacking and have two closets that have a bunch of stll-taped-up boxes shoved into them. And that’s just tiring. Also we can probaby just throw those boxes out because we’ve never needed anything that’s in them in the past two years.

So! It’s storming outside, it’s a mess inside, there’s people coming by at some unspecified point today to look over the apartment and either fall in love with it or be horrified by the disgusting filth pigs who live here, and I need to wash the kitchen floor. And by “I ned to wash the kitchen floor”  I mean “I need to have Nesko wash the kitchen floor” because my asthma’s been acting up lately and the harsh chemicals that are involved in floor scrubbing will make me sick, and obviously we should have done this last night when the windows were still openable and we could have ventilated the apartment some.

Stay dry and safe, everyone.

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““Light Rain” my ass”

  1. On October 17th, 2008 at 9:38 am Krumpy Says:

    Hey! I didn’t realize I could just post my email address to you via your blog until after I posted on SJ’s site.

    Thanks for thinking of me & the cookbooks! I’m curious to see what you may have. I’d happily trade you a book(s) and/or pay for postage. Let me know when (or if) you find them.

    AND, I love Death to Smoochy! I own it. I always tell people to watch it. Happy to see that at least one other person agrees that it worth watching.