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The Blatherings Of A Blitherer

Blood, stones, etc.


I had to get blood taken yesterday for labwork. I also had to run downtown on a quick errand (time spent traveling to and from downtown: an hour and a half. time spent on errand: ten minutes max. WOO PUBLIC TRANSIT.)

Anyway, as usual I dreaded the labwork, and since my initial errand took so long I couldn’t go to the lab I was supposed to go to because they were closing and had to nip by the hospital (which was only half a block away, so no huge deal).

I had to do an insulin test which involved more, UGH, Glucola and sitting around for an hour. If you ever need to do an insulin test or glucose resistance test (while pregnant) avoid the red glucola. It is foul. The yellow is ok, the orange is ok. Well, they are terrible, but they are less unrelentingly foul than the red stuff. The colder the better, and don’t let them pour it into a cup. Just straight up take the cap off the little plastic jug and chug the fucker down. I almost didn’t get through the glucola drink this time around because they gave me a cup and I had to keep stopping and refilling the cup and once you stop drinking glucola it is very hard to go back to drinking it.

The last time I had blood taken (which was at this same hospital) it took 45 minutes and three phlebotomists to do it. I forget how many times they stuck me. This time it only took 20 minutes (ho ho ho, “only”), two phlebotomists, and seven sticks. I eventually just had them stick the inside of my wrist.

“Oh, but that hurts!”

“You have stuck me six times and bruises are already forming. You think that doesn’t hurt? Just… just get it over with.”

They did, and got three vials of blood from me. WOW.

I felt really shakey after that and trudged across the street to the handy diner that’s there. Of course, I had no cash and they don’t take credit or debit cards. Defeated, I trudged back to the bus stop to head home. I talked to Nesko on the phone and he kept remarking how tired and out of it I sounded. The upside of this is that his mom (God bless her. One million times. ) Kept Nick overnight. Nesko stayed the night there too, with the plan that he would bring Nick home in the morning before work, but I woke up at 9:30am and no baby! So I guess Nesko was too tired to get up early and bring the baby home. Anyway, Nesko dropped by the apartment last night to pick up clean clothes for himself and some other stuff and was upset at how tired and out of it and crappy I looked. I tried to protest that I wasn’t THAT tired, but kept stuttering every time I talked to him, so… yeah.

I fell thousands times better today, although I have a huge bruise flowering on the inside of my wrist and inside both elbows.

I eagerly await the day saliva can be used instead of blood for diagnostic issues.

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