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Latest Terrorism Attack on American Soil


Dr. Tiller, one of the few doctors in the USA who is willing and able to perform late-term abortion, was shot to death while leaving church services. He has been shot before, his clinic has been bombed, the women who have gone to him for health services have been intimidated, terrified, threatened, and injured. Now he is dead, murdered by a person or group who doesn’t believe that women have the right to make decisions about their health.

Late term abortions, those performed after 20 weeks, represent only 1.4% of total abortions performed by doctors in the USA. 1.4%. Even if you nudge the definition of “late term” back to 12 weeks gestation, a time where the fetus is maybe sort of possibly viable if you have cutting edge technology and millions of dollars to spend on health care (or a willingness to declare bankruptcy instead of paying astronomical medical bills), the total of abortions performed is only 6.2%. Yet late term abortions are presented by those who call themselves “Pro Life” (yet aren’t above murdering people) as incredibly common. Save the babies! It’s an epidemic of murder! God’s baby garden is getting too full of precious miracles!

Of course, the women who chose late term abortions generally do so not because they suddenly realize OMG I AM PREGNANT OH NOES if only I weren’t such a slut! I better get rid of the evidence and murder this baby! They do so because they are physically or financially unable to have an abortion earlier, because a sexual partner or family member prevented them from having an abortion earlier, because they did not know that it was possible to get an abortion or that it was ideal to have an abortion before X weeks. In other words, most women who have late term abortions do so out of ignorance or fear of someone hurting them. Those eager and willing to murder men who provide medical services to women, however, are quick to paint these women as too stupid to make any sort of medical decision for themselves, even when it’s the efforts of these murderers that have ensured that young women in this country grow up taught little to nothing about their bodies and contraception, and have fought to deny funding to organizations that provide contraception and reproductive health services, and which assist women who are having financial difficulties while pregnant.

So women whose much wanted babies are hydrocephalic or have malformed organs or don’t have brain tissue or are already dead and starting to rot are pretty much fucked because the doctors who can provide needed medical services to them are either prohibited by law from providing those services or have to worry about being murdered if they continue to provide these medical services. Assuming, of course, that the women themselves can make the journey, often across state lines, to a medical provider and then can safely enter and exit his or her clinic without getting harassed or assaulted themselves.

People who claim to be religious and who claim to “respect life” value the “life” of a lump of poorly formed non-viable tissue over the life of the woman carrying said tissue in her body. People who call themselves “pro life” have no issue with attacking women. While claiming to “respect life,” they seek to inhibit women’s access to health care, contraceptives (one of the best ways, if not THE best way, of reducing abortions is to reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies) and contraceptive education. After negatively impacting her reproductive health, these individuals have also tried to strip away social safety nets that can help women with children. Funding has been pulled for health care, WIC, food stamps, and child care and welfare programs. Women are expected to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” while also going into debt paying for vaccinations for their kids. They are expected to go to work and support themselves and their kids, but child care is so expensive that it’s very possible to turn over one’s entire paycheck to a day care facility. There’s a reason so many little kids from economically depressed backgrounds are shaken to death or otherwise killed by their care providers: their moms can’t afford anything better for them.

Women are expected to be virginal creatures, and if they have sex these “pro life” assholes expect them to be punished for it. They deserve pregnancy, as a punishment. They deserve poverty, as a punishment. Women aren’t meant to enjoy sex, and those who have sex out of the strictly defined marital bed deserve to be punished. And since a potential baby has more value than a living woman, even if the fetus is non viable (and conceived during heterosexual wedlock in accordance with Christian religious values), said fetus should be treasured and made comfortable despite any risk to the mother’s health. Because, you know, those women had SEX and sex is BAD when women have it, and they need to just shut the fuck up already and PAY THE PRICE. And if that price means KNOWING that their babies don’t have heads, they need to just continue gestating them for 28 more weeks with all the physical pain and discomfort that pregnancy entails and also the emotional discomfort and pain with knowing that their babies are going to be born DEAD, and carry that lump of malformed tissue “to term” and either push it out their disgusting, filthy cootches or else have major abdominal surgery to remove it. Because every life is sacred, as long as it’s not an adult woman’s. Sure, the precious angel fetus might die and start to rot and poison the woman and kill her slowly, but that bitch shouldn’t have been having sex anyway, am I right? Sin of Eve and all that.

There is a continual chipping away at my rights as a human being. Women should be able to go to clinics to get cervical exams without assholes who claim to represent Jesus shoving pictures of dead babies at them and harassing and assaulting them. Women should be able to visit womens’ health doctors without worrying about being shot to death doing so. Women should be considered, wait for it, rational human beings who are capable of making their own health and reproductive choices; not treated as childlike innocents who need these choices made FOR them. Time and again individuals and organizations have targeted people who provide medical services to women and have stalked, harassed, threatened, and killed them. Places where women receive medical care have literally been bombed and destroyed. Clinics that provide reproductive medical services (often to less affluent women) like PAP smears, vaginal and cervical exams (you know, to detect cancer), and contraceptive services (which, you know, prevent pregnancy), are picketed and pressured to not open. Women seeking medical care are verbally harassed and sometimes assaulted or murdered. This has been going on for YEARS and rarely is anything done about it. This is terrorism directed at women, and it’s going unpunished.

I’ll leave you with this graphic:
Chart of Abortion and Reproductive Issues

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“Latest Terrorism Attack on American Soil”

  1. On June 1st, 2009 at 11:07 am Leerie Says:

    Actually I believe most women who have late-term abortions do so because medical problems have cropped up and having the baby would either kill or drastically harm the mother. Fear and ignorance may play a part, but I think it’s more health reasons at that stage of the pregnancy.

    Because of that, what it essentially comes down to, to my mind, is whether you care more about the woman who is already here or the baby who isn’t here yet (and may in fact be liable to be stillborn in any case). I just can’t imagine caring more about the fetus.

    That chart really makes it clear, doesn’t it? God, this shit really pisses me off.

  2. On June 1st, 2009 at 11:11 am Leerie Says:

    BTW, I think this attack, being the first murder of an abortion provider in a DECADE, really shows that we need to do something right now, to remind everyone that this is still a problem.

    I think we should march on the national mall like we did in 2004, to make this issue visible again.

  3. On June 1st, 2009 at 11:17 am Brigid Says:

    The statistics I found were over ten years old BUT the primary reasons for late term abortions were stuff like “were afraid partner would beat them if they got an abortion” or “was not aware abortion was an option earlier” (I had a friend whose doctor lied to her and told her she had a heart murmur and an abortion would kill her. but a vaginal birth would somehow be safe. or something.) or “could not get to an abortion provider earlier.” HOWEVER those statistics considered anything after 12 weeks to be “late term.”

    It is divisive to divide abortions into “good” and “bad” abortions. If Jane has an abortion in her 17th week because she couldn’t scrape together $500 for one before then, she is not less moral than Amanda, who has an abortion in her 17th week because her baby has no intestines or lungs. Marjorie’s abortion because she can’t afford to feed one more mouth is no less “good” than Eleyn’s abortion because her baby has no stomach or urinary tract. Sharon’s abortion because she has been hospitalized several times for hyperemesis is no less “good” than Nellie’s abortion because she is carrying conjoined twins who are missing vital organs.

    I absolutely agree that most anti abortion rhetoric comes down to valuing a potential life over an existing life. It’s especially foul when the people placing that emphasis on potential life (which, as you point out, has absolutely NO guarantee of becoming actual life) go out of their way to prevent access to contraceptives, affordable woman’s health care, and sex ed (all of which can prevent unwanted pregnancies and thus abortions); when they value the potential life of a child WHO CAN NOT AND WILL NOT SURVIVE OUTSIDE THE WOMB, in other words HAS no potential, over that of an existing life; when they push and push and push to force women to carry to term and give birth and then deny affordable medical treatment, child care, welfare assistance, decent public schools, and other things that can be VITAL to a child growing and thriving.

  4. On June 1st, 2009 at 12:40 pm Leerie Says:

    @Brigid – Well I hadn’t looked up the statistics before commenting, so you would know better than I. But yes, either way, I totally agree that it’s divisive and counter-productive to label any abortion as more right or wrong than another. Moral issues aren’t really even relevant when the question is whether it should be a personal decision or made for you by the government.

    Brigid Reply:

    Oh, yeah, you know. Made by you, made by the government, or made by some religious assholes with a gun and a disdain for women. YOU KNOW WHATEVER.