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The Blatherings Of A Blitherer

Oh my GOD! No explosions!


The neighborhood I live in used to be really shitty. I know this because the front door of my apartment has 3 locks and the very tall chain link fence between our building and the one next to it has both regular barbed wire AND big (sagging, falling down) loops of razor wire along it. Also there’s a large amount of old people here, most of them Ethnic, who were probably warehoused out here when property values were much lower.

It’s a way better neighborhood now, full of awesome old buildings with much limestone and terra cotta, hipsters in low rise jeans and goofy looking glasses walking labrapuggles, a few blocks from the lake, with lots of Russian and Polish food in the nearby stores. (Also Korean and Chinese and Indian food, mmm)

Today is the 3rd of July. Unlike Julys past, there weren’t ANY fireworks overnight and none the past week. There have been very few today.

I am loving the shit out of this.

Explosions make me very nervous, and they make Nesko remember fleeing Montenegro in a taxi while it was being bombed. Good times.

I can only assume that the high concentration of old folks is what’s keeping the fireworks at bay.

We are going to Nesko’s family’s place tomorrow to cook out. I’m making chocolate chip pecan cookies (I think I will chop up the caillebaut chocolate I have) and hamburgers and chicken marinated in yogurt. I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT.

In completely different news entirely, I am doing a Sims 2 story over at http://www.morgendorfen.com. It updates Mondays and Wednesdays.

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