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Quick Update


Had 2nd root canal today. Need 2 crowns (one for each root canal). Need to double check– is this dentist covered by my insurance (which covers crowns but not root canals, durr durr durr) and if not make appt someplace else for crowns. Took vicodin for post dental pain. It’s not TOO bad but makes me want to clench my teeth/apply counter pressure which is OH HO HO A BAD IDEA.

Have been listening to much Electric Six the past few days. Just in a mood. Need energetic, peppy music that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Am job hunting. Again. Craigslist job listings are lollarious. I should post some examples. Do you know that some places accept applications from both Women and Men? AMAZING!

Want to go to the beach tomorrow, and then to a mini Greek fest. There is dancing. I would like to see the dancing. I would like to swim in the lake.

We gave Nick a bath tonight. He hated it with the hatred of a thousand burning suns. And us. He hated us too. Then we put clothes back on him and All Was Forgiven. I think he needs more naked time. He spent a good 15 minutes laughing at Nesko’s face. I got a chunk of that on camera. Just need to find a way to get the footage off the tape and onto the computerbox. I think there’s a cord someplace that allows this…

I love White Castle cheeseburgers. If you ever wondered how classy I am, that is your answer right there. I AM CLASSY WITH A K, Y’ALL. I have 2 packages of White Castle cheeseburgers in my freezer right now. Ok. 1 1/2 packages. FUCK YOU I LOVE THEM.

While waiting to meet someone I outlined several stories that have been languishing in my head. Got some clarity. Refined some ideas & concepts. Am pleased.

I am going to bed now. Catch you all later. Will try and write a Baby Post on the Baby Blog tomorrow. Have been busy cleaning, sorting through our immense piles of crap, and packing.

Have a potential Good Thing on the horizon WRT both work and housing both. Wish us luck, ok?


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