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Quick Thing: POD


I’m pretty sure that when people ask “Is POD “worth it”?” they are asking how it measures up to:

1) contacting publishers and getting quotes
2) taking preorders
3) working out ISBN stuff
4) making room in their house/apartment/shack in the woods for five hundred boxes of books
5) mailing books out to people who preordered them
6) taking books to conventions/indy bookstores/etc


1) getting an agent
2) waiting for a publishing company to publish their work of genius

In other words, is the reduced money you get worth the time and effort saved?

However, my thinking may be colored by the people I hang out with, who tend to self publish art books and graphic novels/web comics collections. POD is asked about frequently by folks who have their first book together, and the people that I know who’ve compared POD versus self publishing pretty much all agree that self publishing is the way to go if you want to make actual money selling your thing.

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