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The Blatherings Of A Blitherer

What are you doing New Year’s… New Year’s Eve?


Do you have plans for tonight/tomorrow? What are you doing for New Year’s Eve and Day?

We were going to go out and see some friends, but decided against it because:

  • If we stay out late, Niko’s schedule gets messed up for days afterwards
  • By the time we got there, we’d only have about an hour before we had to leave
  • Niko has a cold and is very clingy and kind of cranky
  • We are old people who don’t really stay up late or drink anyway
  • New Year’s Eve/Day is prime time for drunk people on the road and we don’t want to deal with that

So we’ll probably do any and all socializing the following weekend. I think I’m going to make pizza and we might get some fizzy cider or something and watch a movie. We might also go to Nesko’s parents’ house, which is five minutes away, and come home around 8:00 so as to get Niko tucked into bed and also avoid all drunken driving.

What are YOUR plans? I can almost guarantee you they’re more exciting and fun than OUR plans.

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