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Ah, love.


There is a reason that I married the person I married.

We were sitting together in Niko’s room reading Best Little Word Book Ever to Niko when we lapsed into making fun of the book because we are just classy that way.

Nesko apparently grew up without experiencing Richard Scarry for himself, so it was an all new experience for him… an experience which became alarming when he got to a certain page.

He caught a glimpse of this image and was very alarmed at their “fixed dead wide-eyed soulless stare.”

I pointed out that ALL the animals look like that. “HAHA!” I crowed like the petty asshole I am, “NOW YOU CANNOT UNSEE IT.”

Then we came to this dude and tried to figure out how he got into his police station. I ventured that he had to go in through the door and then there were steps going down immediately. Nesko countered that his immense head wouldn’t fit through the doorway.

“There isn’t any glass in that “window.” These are animals. They don’t know from glass. They just blunder in through those large openings. These are, basically, Pluggers. No-toilet-paper-holder-having Pluggers.”

That last two comments pretty much broke me.

“They can only afford to buy 3 eggs at a time. Or maybe they’re only ALLOWED to.”

“They persist in wearing too-small clothing that shows off their exquisite beer guts.”

“They don’t have wrists, just stumpy little paw things with barely there sausage fingers. HOW DO THEY USE PHONES AND DRIVE THEY HAVE PAWMITTS INSTEAD OF HANDS.

“They are Pluggers. Richard Scarry should sue Jeff McNally Gary Brookins.”

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“Ah, love.”

  1. On October 21st, 2010 at 10:48 am eveanhei Says:

    I have to say I was not prepared to see those dead eyes staring at me this morning.