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Job Hunting


I’m trolling (you know, trolling, moving slowly and methodically with lots of bait, trying to catch a lot of fish, not flaming people and being a jerk) CraigsList for a new job and I’ve found a few possibilities for Nesko, if he can ever sit down and apply, and a few for myself, same caveat. Every single thing in the entire world is harder when you have a child, especially when that child is a toddler, willful the way toddlers are willful, and possibly with a sinus infection and the attitude to match. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been working on a cover letter for the same job for three days now, and haven’t finished it because I keep getting interrupted. Is it even worth sending out the email? Is the job already filled? Probably, especially considering that there’s 4 unemployed people for each available job right now. But I’m going to polish up the cover letter and send it off anyway, because nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Speaking of incredibly shitty ads that inadvertently reveal a lot about the company, one of the ads was full of screen shots of Will Ferrel movies and part of the application process required listing your totes fave Will Ferrell quote. Because people with a sense of humor are great employees, and boring, humorless drones are terrible employees! What better way of screening potential new hires than by asking them to prove how conversant they are in White, male, heteronormative, sexist culture? None! I’m not saying that every single thing Will Ferrell has been in is crap, but he’s been in a lot of dudebro stuff.

Also: oh my stars, the amount of job-related scams on CL is about to make me cry. Tears of blood. Blood of rage. My rage will shake the heavens. Or… no. It won’t. Sorry, got a little carried away there.

Also also: PEOPLE! Including you, Google, what the HELL, an administrative assistant? Is not a project leader! Or an HR rep! Or a graphics designer! Get your act together and stop cluttering up the admin asst rolls with your shitty paying highly qualified NOT OFFICE ADMIN JOBS. PS: it doesn’t take a college degree and ten years experience to make coffee and alphabetize files. I’ve been doing that since I was 14. Fourteen. It is very basic work.

I’ve got a story bug in my head and don’t know what to do with it. Basically, it’s an AU Authurian thing where Merlin manages to find Mordred and fosters/raises him the way he did Aurthur. I like the versions where Mordred is a hero (which is, historically, plausible and interesting). I’m also considering going ahead with a webcomic even though, GOD!, apparently someone reached into my brain and STOLE MY IDEAS. All of them. Only the entire cast is White and straight (helllooooooooo lazy default) instead of the slightly more diverse cast I have, but is that enough? Are there enough other differences to boot? I HAVE NO IDEA. But I keep coming up with ~~dialog~~. I’m a fairly crap artist, though, and that’s giving me the heebie jeebies about actually setting anything down on paper. I know, I know. Nothing will ever happen unless I start it. Hundred miles, single step. Won’t get better without practice. IT HAS TAKEN ME THREE EFFING DAYS TO WRITE A COVER LETTER WHERE WILL I FIND THE TIME TO DO A WEBCOMIC I don’t even.

I need a job, if only so I have a lunch break I can art/write over.

Ok. Need to kick this cover letter’s ass and get to bed. My kid’s breath smells APPALLING. I hope he didn’t jam anything up his nose. Gonna try and visit the doctor tomorrow to find out. I say “try” because I’m not sure they do walk ins (we’ve never had to take him to the doctor for anything but a scheduled check up) and their phone system is screwy and routing calls wrong. Wish me luck.

(PS– I need parenting advice. Got kids? Pacifiers? How did you wean the pacifier? He currently (23 months old) uses it only at naps/bed time. When he loses it, he wakes fully up and raises hell until it’s found again; his teeth are bucking out. I want to wean him off of it, but am not sure the best way. Tell me anything no matter how obvious.)

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“Job Hunting”

  1. On February 16th, 2011 at 1:24 pm MKP Says:

    I Know How Babby Is Formed is going through the bink-weaning too – I don’t know if you read her already but she might have some other suggestions too.
    MKP recently posted..Watson V Barbie’s Boyfriends

    Brigid Reply:

    I do read her thing, and she’s having problems at night/naptime. :C

  2. On February 16th, 2011 at 1:32 pm Brenna Says:

    Word nerd time: I’ll use trolling and trawling about equally, but one’s with lines and one’s with nets (respectively). Now I’m trying to think of which is the best to use.
    Brenna recently posted..Comics- Finishing- week 1

    Brigid Reply:

    I’m trying to be more choosy than trawling would (to me) indicate. With trolling, you use specific bait. I thought about using trawling, though, to avoid confusion.

  3. On February 16th, 2011 at 3:58 pm Brenna Says:


    Word nerd.

  4. On March 3rd, 2011 at 12:38 am bad mummy Says:

    arrived her via i, asshole.

    My daughter was 3 1/2 (maybe? it’s all a blur) when we got rid of the soother (she named it ummi). In my house it was only used at naptime/bedtime (her dad also let her have it in his car; we’ll get to that. stay tuned.) and she was pretty good at keeping track of it, plus had a pretty good stash built up in and around her bed.

    Anyway, leading up to Easter, I told her the Easter bunny needed her ummis. And that she would get a bike in return (don’t do the bike thing. that was dumb. she was going to get a bike anyway). So, come Easter-time, we gathered up her ummis and left them for the bunny. Next morning, she had no ummis, but there was a bike (again, stupid move. It’s hard to beat a bike the following easter and we’re not even friggin christian, so what’s with the easter crap anyway?). Getting to sleep the first couple of nights after that was hard on her, but we made it. Then she went off to her dad’s for their week (we have 50/50 splits, alternating weeks). And even tho he’d agreed initiallity to this plan…he let her into her stash of ummis at his place. A week later she came home to me and it was the DTs all over again, but really just one night of a very pissed off and very sad kid and it was out of her system. (not to say that I didn’t feel like the worst parent ever for having to restrain my kid for over an hour while she sobbed and cried for her ummi

    Ok, long comment. Basically, prep him but not too much. Give him some line about where the soothers are going (little babies, bunnies, whatever). Offer something in exchange (to serve as distraction). Stick to it. And when he is upset about missing it, which he probably will be, simply agree with him and don’t back down. It’ll be his introduction to just how damn unfair life is. Welcome, kid!

  5. On March 3rd, 2011 at 9:27 am Brigid Says:

    @bad mummy
    Except for the bike that sounds very do-able. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!