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The Blatherings Of A Blitherer

When you think you’re saying what everyone’s thinking…


This is just a reminder than when you THINK you’re “just saying what everyone’s thinking,” you’re probably only saying what people like you are thinking. Which, if you’re in the majority and/or a position of authority, means that the people surrounding you are thinking it, saying it, doing it, and passing laws about it. And “it,” whatever “it” is, is very possibly hurting other people.

And sometimes what you think everyone else is thinking is thrust into an audience larger than the one you normally surround yourself with, and you wind up with hostile reactions to your TOTALLY hilarious rants about women, Native Americans, Gay people, Asian/Pacific Islander students or whatever else, and you find that no, not everyone enjoys spreading around harmful stereotypes and hate.

So, you know. Maybe think about what you’re doing and whether your totally hip and edgy humor is actually challenging anything or just rehashing the same old crap and actively doing harm to people who aren’t you.

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