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I have hives. It’s grosser than I expected.


A few weeks ago I felt a little weird in my face area before bed. I checked myself in the mirror and my face was blotchy and swollen. I generally felt unwell and had been battling a cold so assumed it was a sinus infection. I complained about it a lot, took ibuprofin, and drank a lot of water and it passed. In retrospect, though, I think it was hives.

Last Thursday I noticed a rash on my stomach. It was faint pink and vaguely itchy. I assumed it was dry skin or possibly that I’d gotten bleach cleaning spray on my skin through my shirt while cleaning the kitchen, but it got darker and itchier and spread. Also the backs of my knees really itched, but I assumed it was just eczema. Today, one week later, it’s covering my body from the tops of my thighs to my throat/neck, and snaking its way down my arms to the insides of my elbows.

I look kind of like a mottled pink and white cheetah or something, all blotches and roseates. My soft organic cotton t-shirts feel like fine grit sandpaper on my shoulders and back. I suddenly find myself scratching fervently at various places, scratching hard enough and long enough that while I haven’t broken the skin and am not bleeding, its moist and slightly weeping. I sit on my hands to keep from scratching myself raw, and suddenly find myself scratching my butt/hips/thighs. I fold my hands together, fingers twined, and suddenly realize I have welts on my wrists and am scratching them.

I’ve been taking benedryl, which does nothing much to alleviate the itching or hives.

My big fear is that I’ve developed an allergy to one of two things:

1) Some super common food that I eat all the time like eggs or butter or wheat or coffee that will be hard for me to avoid
2) zinc, which I take as a supplement to address a skin condition I have (hidradenitis suppurativa) that causes me to randomly and spontaneously break out in abscesses that take f o r e v e r to heal. The zinc doesn’t CURE the skin condition, mind you. It just puts it more or less into remission until you stop taking the zinc and then it gets as bad as ever.

I have an appointment with a doctor for Tuesday. I’d been meaning to make one for a while so I could get a physical and generally get checked out, but I wanted to get new glasses ($200-400) and get my teeth taken care of (god knows how much) first.

I’m pretty nervous about seeing the doctor because I’ve had some really horrific and abusive medical experiences in the past, and the fact that I’m fat does not help at all. We’ve had insurance in place for a while now… about a month?… but I’ve held off going in to get my asthma and PCOS evaluated– as well as starting documenting my skin condition for future disability claims*– because of the incredibly negative experiences I’ve had.

(* this skin condition never gets better. There’s no treatment for it that heals it, the best you can hope for is to keep it from getting worse. It’s very common for treatments that HAD been working to suddenly stop working. It’s intensely painful and can and does affect mobility. It’s one of (the?) only skin conditions one can get SSDI for, a process that’s intensely difficult to do. I fully expect to be in increasing pain from this and potentially require a number of surgeries that remove areas of skin and under lying tissue. The fact that I’m a stay at home parent and spend most of my day in yoga pants or pyjama pants is AMAZING for my skin, as clothing that causes friction also leads to increased instances of abscesses. Yet it’s very difficult to work a job where you’re in soft, unstructured clothing all day.)

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“I have hives. It’s grosser than I expected.”

  1. On January 25th, 2014 at 12:50 pm Christa Says:

    Oh man, I do hope they figure out what is up soon and it is not the zinc. Good luck at the doc and if you feel like you’re getting bullied switch to another provider. No one deserves that!
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  2. On February 11th, 2014 at 1:02 pm Elm Says:

    Hi there. I found your blog researching for fat acceptance parenting blogs. I’ve been getting systemic hives since I was 17, and for me the trigger was ingredients in skin products–ones I wasn’t even applying to my whole body would cause whole body hives. Hives would go on forever, until I took a 10-day course of oral prednisone. Then they wouldn’t come back until I used sunblock again or some other item with PABA in it. Maybe it isn’t a food, and I hope it gets better for you. I also recommend swigging liquid baby Benadryl in little sips throughout the day.

  3. On February 11th, 2014 at 1:11 pm Brigid Says:

    @Elm – Hey Elm, thanks for the comment! I have a parenting blog at http://www.brigidkeely.com/baby if you’re interested. I use very few skin products (vaseline on my feet, a hypoallergenic hand lotion, ivory bar soap, the same shampoo I’ve been using for years, etc). I use very few products and most of them are unscented/hypoallergenic. IT IS A MYSTERY!