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The Blatherings Of A Blitherer

100 words: Werewolf Metaphor


“It’s metaphor. One big extended metaphor.”

Dante was sprawled on one of the couch, Anna on the other, their legs tangled together.

“A metaphor for what,” Anna asked cautiously, looking sideways at her friend. Dante shrugged elegantly, one long-fingered hand lazily twisting her skinny dreds.


Chloe snorted. Dante shook her head.

“Think about it. The body goes through changes, shoulders get big, there’s pain, clothing doesn’t fit any more, you grow hair where there was no hair before, your voice gets all deep and raspy and you don’t want anybody to see you… oh, and let’s not forget the whole moon/menstruation thing.”

Her dark eyes danced merrily, enjoying the joke. Anna rolled her eyes, slumping down a bit further, the arm of the couch digging into her neck.

“And the whole tearing people limb from limb and devouring them, what’s that,” Chloe asked.

“Mood swings. Adolescent mood swings.”

“I was gonna say bad press,” Anna countered, and greeted the other girls’ laughter with a grin.

“So, uhm, you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about werewolves?” Anna asked quietly. Dante nodded.

“Oh, yeah. I love folklore an’ mythology. Werewolves, ghost stories, Eastern European vampire legends… did you know that there’s Romanian folklore about vampiric pumpkins? How freakin’ crazy is that? Vampiric farm implements and gourds. You can tell when they turn into vampires because they make a noise like “blrblrblrblrblr.” There’s stories about, you know, about vampires rising from the dead and having sex with their spouses, who then get pregnant and have babies with no bones who grow up to be vampire hunters. It’s wild stuff.”

“Where do you find these stories,” Chloe teased, “the internet?”

“Well… yeah. Yeah, some of them. But then I track down the books they’re in, too.”

“Vampire pumpkins are in books?”

Chloe, as always, was a skeptic. Anna was just glad the focus was taken off of werewolves. The topic made her uncomfortable, even though the popular legends and myth and Hollywood representations were so far from the reality. Dante checked a beaded, tassled throw pillow at Chloe, who laughed, and Anna relaxed some. Vampires and werewolves and ghosts. Neither of the other girls believed in them. They were just stories. Chloe propped the tossed pillow under her right arm and wiggled her fingers tentatively.

“So, Dante, let’s say that Anna here came to you one evening and confessed that she was a werewolf. The moonlight streams in through your open window, and she suddenly clutches her belly and leans forward, shifting shape. What do you do?”

Anna froze again, her entire body stiff, as Chloe referenced her.

“Man, I’d piss myself and probably pass out. And when I woke up? I’d start asking questions. All Interview With A Shapeshifter.”

Chloe nodded and turned to Anna.

“Anna, should an extremely large dog ever bite you and cause a pentagram to appear on your palm, please don’t surprise Dante here by changing shape in front of her. It’d just make a huge mess. Ease into it first.”

“Shit. I don’t know why you get so much joy talking about me pissing myself, Chloe. It’s very low class.”

“Yeah, Chloe. You have Low Ways.”

Anna joined in teasing Chloe, who grinned at them and shook her long ash blonde hair out of her face. If any of the three looked like a werewolf, it was Chloe, with her long fly away hair and foxy face and slightly pointed ears, her luminous green eyes under the high upside V of her dark eyebrows. Chloe flapped her left hand at them, dismissively.

“Dante started it.”

Dante’s mom walked into the living room as they giggled, long and elegant in boot cut jeans, sandals, and a gauzy white tunic. Her hair was wafted around her head in a loose afro. Dante had none of her updated hippie chic.

“Ladies,” she said, greeting them.

“Miss Cordelia,” Anna and Chloe said in unison.

“’Allo, maman.”

“Don’t you start in French with me, girl. That’ll go down a road you don’t wish to follow.”

Dante laughed at their shared joke.

“Ladies, are you staying for dinner? And if so, please alert your families and consider making a trip to the grocery store for some ice cream.”

Chloe shook her head.

“My mom’s picking me up in about fifteen minutes. But thank you for the invitation, Miss Cordelia.”

“Are you sure it’s ok? I don’t want to intrude.”

“No, Miss Anna, it’s no intrusion. If you wish to stay, please let your uncle know where you’ll be.”

“I’ll get the phone.”

Dante slid off the couch and shambled bare footed to the phone cradle. She had not yet grown into her mother’s easy grace, but it would come in time.

789 Words

This is another part of my werewolf story, which I apparently only have one other excerpt from up here? Anyway. If you go back and read that, change the name “Aspen” to “Dante.” The character’s gone through some changes.

Also, Dante’s referencing this legend although slightly garbled. I wasn’t aware that Terry Pratchet had referenced it, either, btw.

100 Words: Sex Ass


Aspen hitched up her shirt and turned around, sticking her butt out.

“Does my ass look bigger?”

“Bigger than what?” Chloe drawled. Aspen ran her hands along her hips and behind, lower lip held between her teeth.

“Have you been hitting the Ben and Jerry’s hard again? O.D.ing on Chubby Hubby? Could you please stop sticking your butt in my face? Seriously.”

“It looks the same, Asp,” Anna tried to reassure her, “Really, it does.”

“What’s with the sudden ass insecurity, anyway?”

Aspen craned her neck to look over her shoulder at her backside.

“I heard that when a girl has sex for the first time, you can tell by looking at her. Her butt gets bigger.”

“Oh God. And you and..?”

Aspen stood up straight, tugging her shirt back into place.


133 Words