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The You Tubes– Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash, Depeche Mode


I like Marilyn Manson. I like Johnny Cash. I like every version of “Personal Jesus” that I have heard.

This mash up of Marilyn Manson and Johnny Cash is awesome and lollarious. Check it out. Embedding has been disabled but click the link.

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Accessable Music


I really love music.
A lot.
I love the sound of it (duh) and I love lyrics. I love dancing. I love the whole music experience.
Music moves me in a very sensual way. It’s emotional and deep and rich and has shaped my life and my personality. I’ve been soothed by music and I’ve exulted in music. I’m very lucky that I’m married to a guy who also loves music and is willing to explore different genres and styles. He also plays guitar and sings. I’ve obviously hit the motherlode in this dude. Seriously.

Music, for all that it shapes culture, is not accessable to everyone, however.
Just as the blind can read books that have been translated to braille (a very VERY small percentage), there’s apparently also people who translate musical lyrics to ASL.

The results, at least the results in the following video, are amazing and artistic.

The song chosen for this video is a Marilyn Manson song, which really fits, as Manson is very interested in opening dialogue and challenging people to THINK. The effect is very VERY nice and there’s a wonderful musicality to the signs. Plus, the translator? Is super cute and I love his costumes. <3

Marilyn Manson was a decently-sized influence in my formative highschool years. So listening to the music on the video really took me back and put a smile on my face. But it’s awesome to see a different interpretation of the music, of the video.

And it’s wonderful that such a cultural juggernaut is being made accessable to other youth (and old people too, I guess. ;) ) despite the controversy of the subject matter. When only a small amount of media is being translated (to ASL, to braille or books on tape) it’s easier to limit what’s being translated, to censor what people have access to. And that’s why I love the internet, because there’s dudes making ASL versions of edgy, controversial songs. And that’s so great. Because it’s one thing to read lyrics in a pamphlet or CD insert or online. It’s another thing to have those lyrics incorporated artisticly into the presentation. One’s reading something. The other is experiencing something.

Anyway, the video is totally safe for work although the sound isn’t (oh, Manson. You and your dirty words.) so if you’re someplace where it’s not cool to have cuss words floating through the air, turn the sound down or pop your headphones on.

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Type O Negative/Josh Silver Interview at Alterati


Alterati has a podcast interview with Josh Silver, of Type O Negative up. It’s a good and interesting interview about the band, its evolution, its humor, etc. There’s a good use of music in it. Check it out if you have half an hour or so.

Brenna, I recomended TON to you earlier, don’t know if you ever got around to listening to them. There’s 2 of their songs in entirety on the podcast, and some stuff in the background as well.

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