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November is a lot of national SOMETHING SOMETHING month


In addition to nanowrimo, naphopomo, and nachopomo, November is also nablopomo; but it isn’t nanomango which takes place in June. (According to Wikipedia, November is also a lot of other stuff.)

Are you doing anything especially writery for November?

I’m going to try and update MAH BLAHG every day during the month of November and also work on outstanding pieces of fiction I have open as opposed to starting new pieces of fiction that won’t get finished. Is there a “national finish your stupid writing already” month or a “national edit your rough drafts” month or something?

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All Kinds Of Crap


I haven’t been super good about updating my BLAWG (or as a friend of mine puts it, “You’re from Chicago. You should say “BLAHG.”) So here’s a big dump of what’s been going on/what I’m up to.

1) I totally walked a mile this morning. My knee’s holding up ok, but my shins hurt.

2) I somehow managed to put on a dirty sweater this morning. It was in the clean clothes basket, but apparently I wore it once and spilled soup on the front. So I have food on my boobs and haven’t even eaten yet today. ACES.

3) Speaking of food, I had the most amazing dinner last night. Apparently, brussels sprouts can taste like something other than ass. WHO KNEW?

4) As has happened every single year previously, I have lost all interest in my NaNo story but have a million other ideas and plots and characters swimming around, including a story about Angels and God and what really happened with Lucifer. Hence my question concerning Lilith. How many of you took your source from Neil Gaiman? ;)

5) There’s a movie out (or coming out) based on the video game “HITMAN.” It features a fully clothed dude with a gun, and a woman wearing a thong panty and a see-through negligee, her butt thrust toward the viewer, the bulge of her genitala clearly visible. How is this a good idea? Or necessary? Well, I guess she can use that to distract people, and then she can run away, as she’s practically naked and unarmed.

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Oh hey, this is working now.


I haven’t been posting much lately because for whatever reason I wasn’t able to put a cursor (and hence text) in the “post” area. Fun times, huh? But it’s working again now.

I could update y’all on work and how it’s going, but… that’s not really that interesting, and I’m still in the trial period (halfway through!) so they could still decide that I’m not a good fit and get rid of me. So I’m superstitiously hesitant about talking about work still, for the most part. I will say, however, that I adore everyone I work with.

I’ve been mulling over NaNo stuff lately and my original plan was to write scripts for “Corwalch” and my paleolithic-in-modern-times comics, and work on “As Honey” (my werewolf YA story) when I couldn’t think of anything to script. However, I think I might work on something all new instead. We watched “Disturbia” the other night, an updated and aimed at younger folks reworking of “Rear Window.” It was… tedious and predictable, with an uninteresting and unsympathetic protagonist. I kept waiting for interesting twists, and they kept… not coming. But I’ve been turning that movie over in my head and I think I want to do something with it.

The basic plot so far is this:

A young woman, a teenager, moves from the city to the suburbs. Her mom’s upset because her dad’s been working too much, spending too much time away from the family, she suspects he’s got a mistress or has been frequenting prostitutes or something. So the mom moves everyone out to the boring boring horrible suburbs. The young woman has a hard time meeting people and making friends at first, but soon strikes up an acquaintance with the guy her own age who lives next door. He’s agoraphobic and has OCD, lots of rituals to keep him safe. He’s also smart and funny and they get along really well.

He spies on his neighbors… maybe he’s compelled to keep tabs on them? Maybe he’s schizophrenic and thinks everyone’s up to something? I don’t know. I need to research this a bit. Anyway, he becomes convinced that the guy across the street has been murdering women and hiding the bodies.

Because there’s a serial killer on the lose. Someone’s preying on “lost” young women… prostitutes, homeless girls, etc. People who aren’t likely to be noticed if they go missing. Hell, maybe it’s a Zodiac type thing, where the killer is sending taunting letters to newspapers. Something to think about.

So the protagonist becomes convinced that the other kid’s neighbor is, in fact, the killer. She investigates his house, etc. They keep finding stuff that looks like it points to him as a murderer, but it turns out to be false trails.

In the end, it’s her own dad that’s the killer. He’s been killing young women to appease the universe, to keep his own daughter safe. There’s some kind of confrontation. Maybe he decides he has to kill his own daughter? To redeem her? Teen Boy or Neighbor busts in to save her, gets knocked out or something, she winds up saving herself (this is key to me, having a female character who doesn’t need to be saved by others, who solves her own distress). Or maybe he decides to kill Teen Boy and the protagonist has to save him. Figure out where he’s being held, go in, liberate him.

So, obviously, lots of work here. Lots of work ahead of me. I think this is a cool idea, though.

I had some other stuff to say, but I’ve forgotten it by now.

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