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Latest Terrorism Attack on American Soil


Dr. Tiller, one of the few doctors in the USA who is willing and able to perform late-term abortion, was shot to death while leaving church services. He has been shot before, his clinic has been bombed, the women who have gone to him for health services have been intimidated, terrified, threatened, and injured. Now he is dead, murdered by a person or group who doesn’t believe that women have the right to make decisions about their health.

Late term abortions, those performed after 20 weeks, represent only 1.4% of total abortions performed by doctors in the USA. 1.4%. Even if you nudge the definition of “late term” back to 12 weeks gestation, a time where the fetus is maybe sort of possibly viable if you have cutting edge technology and millions of dollars to spend on health care (or a willingness to declare bankruptcy instead of paying astronomical medical bills), the total of abortions performed is only 6.2%. Yet late term abortions are presented by those who call themselves “Pro Life” (yet aren’t above murdering people) as incredibly common. Save the babies! It’s an epidemic of murder! God’s baby garden is getting too full of precious miracles!

Of course, the women who chose late term abortions generally do so not because they suddenly realize OMG I AM PREGNANT OH NOES if only I weren’t such a slut! I better get rid of the evidence and murder this baby! They do so because they are physically or financially unable to have an abortion earlier, because a sexual partner or family member prevented them from having an abortion earlier, because they did not know that it was possible to get an abortion or that it was ideal to have an abortion before X weeks. In other words, most women who have late term abortions do so out of ignorance or fear of someone hurting them. Those eager and willing to murder men who provide medical services to women, however, are quick to paint these women as too stupid to make any sort of medical decision for themselves, even when it’s the efforts of these murderers that have ensured that young women in this country grow up taught little to nothing about their bodies and contraception, and have fought to deny funding to organizations that provide contraception and reproductive health services, and which assist women who are having financial difficulties while pregnant.

So women whose much wanted babies are hydrocephalic or have malformed organs or don’t have brain tissue or are already dead and starting to rot are pretty much fucked because the doctors who can provide needed medical services to them are either prohibited by law from providing those services or have to worry about being murdered if they continue to provide these medical services. Assuming, of course, that the women themselves can make the journey, often across state lines, to a medical provider and then can safely enter and exit his or her clinic without getting harassed or assaulted themselves.

People who claim to be religious and who claim to “respect life” value the “life” of a lump of poorly formed non-viable tissue over the life of the woman carrying said tissue in her body. People who call themselves “pro life” have no issue with attacking women. While claiming to “respect life,” they seek to inhibit women’s access to health care, contraceptives (one of the best ways, if not THE best way, of reducing abortions is to reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies) and contraceptive education. After negatively impacting her reproductive health, these individuals have also tried to strip away social safety nets that can help women with children. Funding has been pulled for health care, WIC, food stamps, and child care and welfare programs. Women are expected to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” while also going into debt paying for vaccinations for their kids. They are expected to go to work and support themselves and their kids, but child care is so expensive that it’s very possible to turn over one’s entire paycheck to a day care facility. There’s a reason so many little kids from economically depressed backgrounds are shaken to death or otherwise killed by their care providers: their moms can’t afford anything better for them.

Women are expected to be virginal creatures, and if they have sex these “pro life” assholes expect them to be punished for it. They deserve pregnancy, as a punishment. They deserve poverty, as a punishment. Women aren’t meant to enjoy sex, and those who have sex out of the strictly defined marital bed deserve to be punished. And since a potential baby has more value than a living woman, even if the fetus is non viable (and conceived during heterosexual wedlock in accordance with Christian religious values), said fetus should be treasured and made comfortable despite any risk to the mother’s health. Because, you know, those women had SEX and sex is BAD when women have it, and they need to just shut the fuck up already and PAY THE PRICE. And if that price means KNOWING that their babies don’t have heads, they need to just continue gestating them for 28 more weeks with all the physical pain and discomfort that pregnancy entails and also the emotional discomfort and pain with knowing that their babies are going to be born DEAD, and carry that lump of malformed tissue “to term” and either push it out their disgusting, filthy cootches or else have major abdominal surgery to remove it. Because every life is sacred, as long as it’s not an adult woman’s. Sure, the precious angel fetus might die and start to rot and poison the woman and kill her slowly, but that bitch shouldn’t have been having sex anyway, am I right? Sin of Eve and all that.

There is a continual chipping away at my rights as a human being. Women should be able to go to clinics to get cervical exams without assholes who claim to represent Jesus shoving pictures of dead babies at them and harassing and assaulting them. Women should be able to visit womens’ health doctors without worrying about being shot to death doing so. Women should be considered, wait for it, rational human beings who are capable of making their own health and reproductive choices; not treated as childlike innocents who need these choices made FOR them. Time and again individuals and organizations have targeted people who provide medical services to women and have stalked, harassed, threatened, and killed them. Places where women receive medical care have literally been bombed and destroyed. Clinics that provide reproductive medical services (often to less affluent women) like PAP smears, vaginal and cervical exams (you know, to detect cancer), and contraceptive services (which, you know, prevent pregnancy), are picketed and pressured to not open. Women seeking medical care are verbally harassed and sometimes assaulted or murdered. This has been going on for YEARS and rarely is anything done about it. This is terrorism directed at women, and it’s going unpunished.

I’ll leave you with this graphic:
Chart of Abortion and Reproductive Issues

Bristol Palin: Incrediby Lucky


There’s been a hell of a lot of talk about Sarah Palin and her potential worth as a vice president, and her utterly utterly terrifying views on legislating reproductive rights. And there’s been a lot of talk about her pregnant daughter and OMG! A teenager! Having sex? Pregnant? What an utterly new development! Such a thing has never happened before! An unmarried 17 year who is also pregnant? I thought you HAD to be pregnant to have a baby!

Actually, Bristol Palin is very lucky. 

She grew up in a household that eschews birth control and pre-conception fertility management (and could someone please tell me why so much discussion of this particular issue seems to have a “either she’s pregnant or she gets an abortion” rhetoric instead of “hey, guess what? sex ed! It has a purpose!”) and, surprise, she got pregnant. And her parents… aren’t kicking her out of the house. Which is what a LOT of my high school friends (and hell, some college friends) were afraid of.

Bristol Palin will not have to navigate WIC or state-run health care plans. She will not have to take a bus for an hour and a half to visit a shitty clinic with broken asbestos tile on the floor and no working sinks in the bathroom (hello, Stroger County follow up care after my miscarriage!). She will not have to work a crappy minimum wage job and wonder who’s going to watch her kid while she earns just barely enough money to cover rent. She’s not going to have her parents (or hopefully her boyfriend) beat her up, threaten to kill her, or outright kill her for having sex and getting pregnant.

And that makes her incredibly lucky.

Bristol Palin’s family has money. Bristol Palin and her kid are going to be taken care of, financially and emotionally, by her family. She has a support network.

A hell of a lot of sexually active teenagers, especially young women who wind up pregnant, are not so lucky. The ones who have access to sexual education and contraceptives are a lot less likely to wind up pregnant in the first place, easing them onto a path that’s more likely to include higher education and thus a better paying job.

Sarah Palin thinks that women don’t deserve to know about or control their sexuality. Sarah Palin doesn’t care that teenagers, both male and female, can and do have sex. When teenagers are having uninformed, unprotected sex they are really likely to get pregnant. Having a baby at 17, for most kids, is a really bad idea that will literally cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in earning potential and also cost the government money in aid spent on them. Not all sexually active kids have parents who can support them, provide them and their babies with medical care, and take care of them. Not all sexually active kids have parents who are willing to provide for them and their babies and support them. And Sarah Palin wants to take away some of the tools that young people can use to protect themselves and guard their futures.

Sarah Palin wants to stop funding sexual education in schools. Sarah Palin is against women having control of their own reproductive rights. Sarah Palin’s local government charged victims of rape for the rape kits used to collect evidence to bring charages against the people who raped them. Sarah Palin is actively working to undermine the many many hard-won rights that women have struggled to achieve. Sarah Palin apparently thinks that women don’t deserve the same rights and considerations that men deserve, and thinks that women are incapable of making informed, responsible choices about their bodies. 

Not all women have a mommy and daddy who can step in to take care of them. Not all women have a mommy and a daddy who can provide them with a husband to take care of them. Not all woman want to be treated forever as children, in the care of their parents, their husbands, their government. Not all women want their choices, their autonomy, stripped from them.

It’s not surprising that McCain, who has actively worked against basic sexual and human rights for women and homosexuals has picked someone like Palin. It’s sickening how many people applaud her. She’s worked hard to get where she is, yes. I respect that. But she’s done so at the expense of other women, and the young people following her. She’s spitting in the face of every woman who fought to be considered not property, who fought to be able to work outside the house, who fight still to get equal pay for equal work and who fight for things like restraining orders being actively enforced, men who commit domestic violence being actually prosecuted, men who commit rape being actually charged for their crimes. She stands on the backs of those women, who fought for her to be able to stand where she stands now, and she spits on them.

Bristol Palin is lucky that when she’s in a time of need her family is there for her. But I wish she had options and had been able to make choices on her own, instead of having them thrust upon her by people who think they know better than she does.

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