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test 2


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Oh, hello there.


Maybe you are wondering what I have been up to. It’s mostly been long stretches of nothing, and then this:

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Looking back


I can safely say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that going to college was the absolute worst choice I ever made in my entire life.

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Google Reader


BTW if you use google reader you can follow me here: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/00417254038565409282

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Tentative Birthday Plans for me


My birthday is February 25th, which is a Wednesday. It is, in fact, the Wednesday after Fat Tuesday which makes it a stupid fast day because I was born during Lent and ARGH I’m tired of fast days on my birthday. :( Nesko and I will probably be celebrating on the 24th with pancakes, sausage, and possibly donuts.

My party involving other people will be Saturday February 28th at my apartment. I’m going to order some pizzas, have some kind of cake, and do a combo of watch bad movies/play board games. Things will kick off around 2pm. If you want in, email me or leave a comment.

I’m turning 30. Hooray!

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids?


I’m talking to a friend of mine who works with teenagers. One of “her” teens is planning on moving out of her physically and emotionally abusive home in a few months, when she turns 18. She’s been moving her things out sneakily, to a friend’s place where she’ll be staying, but she’s afraid of the time when she’ll have to move big ticket items like her computer. I don’t know if she’s going to take furniture like her bed with her or not. She’s a very damaged, fucked up young woman because of the way she was raised and her parents’ influence. My friend says of them “I hate them. I hate them so much. I’ve always hated them, since I met them. Before I knew her, I hated them. They are foul.”

It’s easy to say of people like this “they shouldn’t be allowed to have kids” or make a snide comment about them reproducing. And to an extent, you know, they’ve really hurt this young woman. They have fucked her up and she’s aware enough, intelligent enough, to know that she’s fucked up and want to rise above it and fix it. She’s managed to internalize the message that she IS worthwhile and she’s seeking normalcy and I hope she finds it. From what I hear, she’s smart and focused and funny and talented and, yeah, prone to fits of DRAMA! and has anger issues which are understandable given her background. But if her parents “weren’t allowed” to have kids… where does that leave her?

I’m just thinking about this kid, who lives in a different state than I do, and thinking about parenting and families and stuff. I’ve never met this kid. I never will. I don’t even know her name. But I still worry about her and hope she can have a good life. I know so many people who’ve been through similar, who’ve chosen homelessness over living with their insane and fucked up families, who’ve had to claw and scrabble their ways to something approaching normal. Family scars run deep and sometimes the wounds never really heal.

It sucks.

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Rent Deposit Update pt 2.


Nesko took the rent deposit from our last apartment to the bank today and tried to deposit it.

The bank refused to touch it, but wouldn’t say why (again, they won’t do funds verification).

He called our former landlord’s contact person, and actually got through to her. She called the landlord and then called him back.

Remember how I said the check would probably bounce? Yeah. They don’t have enough money in their account to cover the check, and could we wait until Friday?

This is why I initially wanted a cashier’s check or money order from them. So we still don’t have our refund, and there’s a fairly expensive item we wanted to buy this weekend (yes, it’s needed and not a luxury) that is currently on sale but won’t be on sale by the time they get their financial shit together: assuming they get their financial shit together. This continued foot dragging and lack of funds on their part is costing us money. I’m really sick of it.

It was a relatively positive rental experience until we moved out, too; to the point where if Nesko got hired at his current temp job we would have contacted them and asked if they have a vacancy and moved back into the building we moved out of. It was, in general, a great building (needed some maintenance) in a good location.

I’m just really tired of dealing with this. It is such bullshit.

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Chicago Suggestions


Does anyone have any suggestions for coffee house/tea lounge locations in Chicago?


  • Must be easy to get to via public transit
  • Must not have loud background music
  • Must not be expensive
  • Must be cool with people who come in as a group and hang out for a long period of time (spending money) and create art/talk loudly

I’ve looked at some places near me (I live in Edgewater) but the ones I’ve seen have been pretty small and kind of corporate/bland. I’m looking for something funky and cool. We used to go to the Urban Tea Lounge, which has since been sold and become a coffee house that apparently has been closed for several days (or is out of business?).

Any suggestions?

Deposit Update


We moved out October 1st and finally, January 15th, received a personal check for our deposit. Of course, as it was sent certified mail and we had car problems, errands, and a Federal Holiday we weren’t able to pick it up from the Post Office until today. Of our original $1000 deposit we are getting only $700 back because it apparently took three days and $300 to patch a few holes. Excuse me, to patch, prime, and paint “entire walls.” I should note that most of the walls were fucking filthy when we moved in, and would have needed to be primed and painted anyway because even if they had been pristine when we moved in, we were there for two years and it’s pretty normal for apartments to get painted between tenants.  I am not surprised it took them three days to patch, prime, and paint the apartment. It took them two months to fix our central air when it broke and we were reduced to bringing in our own window units so as not to die; and they never did fix the leaking tub faucet, replace the burnt out light bulbs in the front entryway, replace the thresholds between all the rooms, or prime the door to our bedroom which would swell so much when it was humid that we had great difficulty opening and closing it.

They didn’t charge us for “putting holes in the interior and exterior brick walls for the installation of cable, which [they] neither gave their permission nor consent for.” Too bad the place was already wired for cable when we moved in and it was, in fact, a fucking selling point of the apartment.

We’re not arguing the large amount they’re deducting because Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it took them this fucking long to give us the deposit in the first place (an illegally long time) that we don’t want to wait another four months for them to get their act together and get around to maybe eventually finally giving us a more reasonable amount. I’m half convinced that this check will bounce, and that the reason they didn’t refund us earlier is because they didn’t have the money. So even though we finally got our refund, it might still cost us money.  Hooray.

They use the same back that we do so once this gets deposited (it’s made out to Nesko only or I would have deposited it after picking it up at the PO) it’ll be treated as a funds transfer and the monies should be available 24 hours later… assuming they’re there at all. Sadly, our shared bank doesn’t do funds verifications so we just have to hold our breath and hope. In the past when I’ve deposited checks from other people into this bank and they’ve bounced I’ve been charged really high fees. I almost want to just take this to a check cashing place and avoid that whole ordeal.

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Well, that was a mistake.


Ok, it wasn’t as much of a mistake as when I stuck a jar of marshmallow fluff in the microwave to soften it up a bit before using it, but still. It wasn’t a SMART thing to do.

I made a loaf of blueberry bread yesterday. You might not be aware of this, but blueberry loaf tastes best when it’s sliced, toasted, and served with a bit of butter. Cranberry loaf is the same way. Seriously. It is amazing. When I had access to a toaster oven, I used to eat this ALL THE TIME for breakfast or a bit of dessert after dinner. It helped that I worked at a bakery then, and so had access to slightly stale batter breads (there are some baked goods, like brownies and some batter breads, that I enjoy best when they are slightly stale. the texture is different. i’m weird. Ok. let’s drop it.)

I do not currently have a toaster oven, but I do have a toaster. I cut a wodge of blueberry bread that I thought would be thick and sturdy enough to withstand being stood upright in said toaster, and toasted it.

I was mistaken. Badly mistaken.

I wound up having to scoop out chunks of crumbled blueberry loaf with the handle of a wooden spoon, and then finally turn the toaster over and shake out the rest of the chunks and crumbs. Alas, poor slice of blueberry loaf! You crumbled and died for naught! My mouth and tummy alike weep for you!

At least I didn’t start a fire. That’s… something, I guess.

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