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Dove wants your money and will tell you what you want to hear


You’ve probably seen the latest Dove viral ad campaign. It’s a video available on you tube about how totally awesome Dove is because of their decade long “Real Beauty” campaign and how now they’re going after the people who are REALLY evil: “art directors, graphic designers, and photo retouchers.” Not ad executives and companies, no. Just those evil artists who for reasons TOTALLY UNKNOWN make women feel bad ON PURPOSE about their bodies. But how to “catch them in the act!!!” and “make them reconsider”? They needed a plan! So they created a Photoshop Action and released it into the wild, where it will be used by amateurs who want to make wedding and baby photographs look better. Billed as a “skin glow effect” they posted it on reddit and other places where art directors, graphic designers, and professional photo retouchers TOTALLY hang out and get their totally professional Photoshop Actions, Brushes, etc from.

In reality, all the Action does is revert all changes made to the original image and pop up a scolding message.

Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.

Of course, to undo that reversion, all one has to do is hit… well… undo.

BAM! A totally effective message that will OBVIOUSLY CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER!

Or, more likely, go viral and make Dove look totally awesome and progressive because they just love women so much and are so willing to take on those horrible evil photo retouchers who are just the WORST, right?

Dove, remember, is owned by Unilver which has those atrocious Axe commercials (women! they are fuck beasts for fucking!) and SlimFast (women: you are fat cows, stop eating!). If they really wanted to push for long acting real social change, they could apply pressure to Unilver to at the very least stop marketing Axe the way it’s marketed.

Of course, they could also change their own advertising as well.

I mean, if Dove really thinks womens’ bodies are beautiful and we should all stop altering our perceptions of real beauty, maybe they shouldn’t find new body parts for women to be ashamed of? I, for one, never knew my armpits were ugly until Dove told me so.





If Dove really thinks womens’ bodies are beautiful and we should all stop altering our perceptions of real beauty, they wouldn’t market Firming Creams, and their criteria for casting calls wouldn’t be quite as shameful (beautiful skin and hair only! No zits or scars, those are GROSSSSSSSS).


If Dove (and Unilever) really thinks womens’ bodies are beautiful and we should all stop altering our perceptions of real beauty, they wouldn’t market skin-lightening creams (which are physically as well as emotionally harmful) around the world.

Like diet companies who co-opt HAES and Size Acceptance verbage, and companies who practice Greenwashing, Dove is taking Body Acceptance language and using it to sell product. They are telling women what they think women want to hear for the sole reason that they want to sell products to those women. There’s nothing inherently wrong with companies advertising their wares. What’s wrong is the incredibly hypocritical advertising Dove uses. They aren’t trying to change the world, but they very willing to use social justice and activism language to sell their products and their subtle form of body hate. Dove doesn’t give a shit about your body or how beautiful you feel, they just want your money.

One of the worst things is that Dove is actually in a position to make actual changes in the industry. Instead of telling everyone that we should pat them on the back for promoting size acceptance and bodily diversity (while actually showing a pretty narrow range of sizes and skin colors), they could just use a wide variety of women of different body types and ethnicities. They could show instead of telling. They could push for Unilever to do the same with other ad campaigns as well. And they could pressure Unilever to drop the body shaming, sexist, manipulative language and images that other Unilever products use. But Dove isn’t doing that. Instead, they’re creating viral videos that do the bulk of advertising for them (saving them money) and creating good will among their users. It’s an effective ad campaign, but it’s also an insulting one.

Dove claims that they’re against distorting perceptions of beauty, which is harmful to women, while telling women that their armpits are ugly and their skin is saggy and their scars are gross and their frizzy hair is uggsville and their dark/uneven skin is THE WORST, but hey it’s ok because they can spend money on products to make them prettier YAY GIRL POWER WOOOOO now how about a nice round of SlimFast for all? The hypocrisy is thick on the ground.

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Some people get dish pan hands.

Apparently I’ve come down with a bad case of dish pan nails. They are extremely dry, splitting, and flaking.

I’ve started aggressively oiling them, and they’re already looking better-ish. But I’ve trimmed them down to the quick and I hate having nails this short and I’m really bothered by this. Fortunately for me my nails grow super quickly so they won’t be this short for very long. That rapid growth is apparently part of why they’re so dry/brittle. I should oil them all the time, not just when it’s dry out/my hands are in a lot of hot soapy water. I never remember to, though.

I think this is part of why I stopped wearing nail polish. The polish and polish remover both dried my nails out extra.

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Really Boring Post About My Hair


I cut off all my hair a while ago, going from waist length to… well… considerably shorter.

Here’s a photo from about a month ago. My hair isn’t really that dark, btw.

Here’s a photo that shows how long it was in the front.

Here it is from last weekend, rather longer. And red.

I dunno. My hair looks so dark in the first photo you can’t really tell the difference. Anyway. My hair’s kind of orangey red, and already fading as the color’s only good for 8-10 washes or whatever.

I’m thinking of doing a cartoon with step by step instructions on how to dye your hair.

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About Me


I am in the process of moving from Live Journal to this blog. Please bear with me.

I am a writer and an artist, working mainly in speculative and interstitial fiction, and pen and ink. I write fiction and fairly bad poetry, and I draw and I paint. I haven’t sculpted in awhile, mainly because I lack the free space and free time, and access to a kiln. I container garden. I live in Chicago. I’m married to a very wonderful man whose father is from Montenegro (Czrna Gora), and whose mother was a Displaced Person. In short, he’s very very American. We are expecting a son in mid-March.

I was born during an ice storm and full eclipse of the sun. I have since failed utterly to live up to the portents I was born under, but I’ve had a pretty good time doing so.

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