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Wishlists and Registries and stuff


A handful of people have asked over the past month or two about wishlists I have. This is in part because Nesko and I recently married so they want to know if we’re registered anywhere, and in part because my birthday was recently and people wanted to know what to get for me. Since I am a total greedyguts, I’m going to post this stuff here and you can do with it as you like.

Personal Wishlists:
Amazon.com I am a total book nerd and I love books and we recently both got rid of a bunch of books AND got more shelves so now we have space for more books. There’s some CDs on there as well.

Alibris.com Again with the books. :)

Wedding Registry:
Crate and Barrel I love entertaining and cooking and having an organized, sensible place to live. The last part might not make sense if you’ve actually seen where I live, but we’ve been working hard to throw out stuff we don’t use/need and properly store the stuff we do.

Linens ‘n Things I am crazy for nice sheets and pillows and blankets and towels. Is this a girl thing? Like insisting sheets are changed more than once a month?

Macy’s I feel guilty about this registry for two reasons. One is that it’s now Macy’s and not Marshall Field’s, and two is that oh my GOD fine china is expensive and I feel guilty asking for expensive china and silver and crystal. But you know what? I grew up in a house with fine china and silver and crystal and we used it frequently, and now that we’re all older (ie not little kids) we use it ALL THE TIME when visiting my parents. And it’s super nice! So I’d use this expensive stuff frequently, to celebrate the people who share dinner with us! And that alleviates some of the guilt. Nesko picked out the plates and they are beeeeyooootiful. He has VERY good taste.

Target We have a lot of plates and housewares and stuff and most of them are awful. I dream of a kitchen that has a toaster that has settings other than “slightly warmed” and “burnt.”

Pottery Barn You have to search by name for The Pottery Barn (Brigid Sullivan or Nebojsa Barjaktarevic). Also ignore the crazy wedding date of September 13th. Our plans changed, but I haven’t changed any of the registeries.

Williams-Sonoma True Story: I used to work with a guy who’d also worked at a Williams-Sonoma. He loved working there because he was a huge foodie and loved having a discount and getting great kitchen products for cheaper. He hated working there because every single copper, silver, or stainless steel item had to be cleaned and polished before they closed at night. Anyway, Williams-Sonoma has high quality (and expensive! Guilt!) items for the kitchen. I like to cook and bake. It’s easier (and more fun) to do so when you have the right tools for the job. I should note that Nesko and I often cook together, and it’s hugely fun. There are some people I hate cooking with because they get in the way and are like lumps. There are other people I love cooking with because they have an idea what they’re doing and we don’t need to talk to communicate. Nesko is one of the latter, and that is part of the reason I married him. This is another one where you have to search by name.

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So, you eloped, huh? That can only mean one thing…


After being together for ten years and being engaged for almost four years, Nesko and I ran off and got hitched in a fairly spur of the moment way. We went from “wanna do this thing?” to “let’s do this thing” to “here’s a day, let’s pick up the license now and do it for reals.” And we did it, and it’s really awesome. One thing, though, is that I’d always wanted to get married in the fall and all our talk about getting married had to do with the autumn and we got married in February. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of what we’d planned back in the day when we talked about cake and dresses and live bands and stuff.

Yesterday I got the first hesitant, delicately phrased question.

No, I’m not pregnant.

I am, in fact, forcibly expelling the contents of my uterus right now which is, as always, exciting and thrilling. If anyone wants to ply me with salt, sugar, fat, and/or red meat I will follow you around all in love. My plans for this weekend involve steak, possibly one cooked with dark chocolate and potato chips.

So, no babies and no baby news, although Nesko’s biological clock has been ringing loudly for about a year and a half now. The dude rates the babies in “Pottery Barn Baby” and makes guesses as to what they are like, personally. “Oh, this baby, you know he’s really smart. You can tell. I bet he likes duplos a lot. Awww, look at this cute little girl. Isn’t she cute? Look at her. No, really, look. I’m pointing to the cute one. I bet she has a bunny and she likes to pet it. Are you looking at her?”

Rest assured, I will keep everyone updated as to the contents of my uterus.

Nesko already has names picked out and everything.

We’re getting married this month


I thought of a bunch of cute titles for this post, but when it comes down to it, Nesko and I are running off and getting married on February 29th. We’re going to have the reception  when it’s warmer, do a pot luck barbecue picnic thing. So keep your eyes out for an invitation to that.

We’ll be calling/visiting people to talk to them in person about this because it’s kind of tacky to just say “HEY INTARNUTS WE ARE GETTIN MURRIED” and not tell people that we actually know. But there’s also a lot of people that I only know online so hello guys, WE ARE GETTIN MURRIED.

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James Bond will be my best man


Nesko told his dad, officially, that he and I are engaged and getting married. Basically, he said “Dad, I’m getting married next year,” and then he ran off before his dad could say anything. In my opinion, that’s a wise move, as when his dad found out N and I were dating again he threatened to have a heart attack.

We have a tentative date of September 13th, which is a Saturday.

We were watching From Russia With Love the other night, which is a Bond movie that, like most Bond movies, is rife with misogyny and racism. RIFE. At one point, Bond is sitting down to dinner in a “Gypsy” camp. There’s an Egyptian belly dancer, and the exciting news that two different ladies are in love with the same dude, so the matter is going to be settled in the “traditional Gypsy way.” Half naked mud wrestling. Ha ha! Those silly Gypsies! They almost act like humans! Look at the way their women roll around on the ground, wrasslin’ over a man! Tee hee. Oooh! Maybe they’ll make out!

Anyway, the dinner is disrupted by bad-guy gunfire. Lots of shooting and yelling and running around and half naked women rolling in the mud, tables being over turned, etc. I turned to  Nesko and said “Baby, this is kind of how I always imagined our wedding would be.”

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