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Live Journal and You


There’s been some buzz on Live Journal recently because LJ’s owners have laid off some folks. This isn’t really surprising considering that we’re in a recession. However, LJ was purchased most recently for $30million and isn’t pulling in the revenue that the owners apparently were anticipating. So LJ’s eventual fate is up in the air.

A lot of folks are backing up their LJ accounts using LJ Archive and other sources, so they don’t lose what they’ve written. Others are talking about leaving LJ and going to LJ clones like Insane Journal or non-LJ-based blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress.

I have been using WordPress for awhile now. I own my own domain and use Lunar Pages for my hosting. I’ve been with Lunar Pages for at least five years, and have had nothing but positive experiences with them. I am hosted for less than $100 a year and have a huge wad of easily installed (often one-click installations) programs and add-ons, including WordPress. Other installations include other blogging platforms, content management systems, WIKIs, FAQs, photo galleries, at least one kind of forum, shopping carts, all kinds of stuff. I have something like 999 email addresses and subdomains. I’ve been able to reach real human beings both over the phone and via email (email responses are very quick), and every question has been answered quickly and completely. Fantastic customer service!

Unlike Dreamhost, which also has one-click (or one-button) WordPress installation, Lunar Pages allows you to upload themes, add-ons, and widgets to really customize your WordPress experience. I usually use SmartFTP to upload things, then go into the WordPress control panel to active/deactivate stuff.

I use LJ-XP to crosspost from WordPress to LiveJournal. It was easy to set up and install, and it’s very customizable and easy to use. I can chose if I’m going to crosspost stuff or not, set privacy settings, can customize the header and chose to allow comments just on LJ, just on WordPress, on both, whatever. It’s been super easy to use, and I really enjoy not having to worry as much about censorship, being deleted accidentally or because of Right Wing persecution, about LJ going belly up, what have you. I have greater control over my words and my archives.

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WordPress and Live Journal


Maybe you are wondering “Huh! What magic does Brigid use to allow her to post stuff to Word Press AND Livejournal at the same time? Pixies, perhaps? A system of tubes?”

Here is your answer.

I set up a wordpress account on my webspace, and then downloaded the a LJXP plugin at http://code.google.com/p/ljxp, which I unzipped and installed in my wp-content/plugins folder on my webspace. I then went to my dashboard and activated the plugin.

This automaticly caused a “livejournal” section to pop up under the “Options” tab, where I put in my LJ name and password.

I did this while slightly drunk.

Thanks to the ever awesome Serrana at http://stillawaysaway.com, and her charming and patient husband, who told me what to do. Huzzah!

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