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The Blatherings Of A Blitherer



Why do you talk about your periods/uterus so much?
Because I’ve known women who had no idea of what a normal menstrual cycle entails because such things are simply not discussed in polite company. There’s this haze of ook surrounding women’s genitals and reproductive organs, and I’d like to de-mystify them and make them a little more… common place and not scary.

Why do you talk about mental illness/depression so much?
Mental illness and depression are another thing, like women’s genitalia and reproductive organs, that is stigmatized. When someone says “I’m depressed,” a common rebuttal is “eat more vegetables and start jogging.” This is not a common response to “I have diabetes” or “I have a broken leg” or “my retina just detached.” But it’s still an illness that can be treated medically, either through medication or therapy or both. Denying that it’s an illness, believing that it’s something that can be “shaken off” or easily dealt with, or that it’s malingering or seeking attention, is very very harmful. It isolates those with mental illness and lessens their experiences. Other people see them as weak. It’s a very negative attitude.

In general you discuss a lot of personal, unpleasant stuff. Why?
There are a lot of people who assume that, because nobody talks about their issues, they are the only person with those issues. I talk about being depressed or having an eating disorder or going through a miscarriage or feeling socially isolated or being a woman with stereotypically male interests, and other people going through the same thing feel less alone.

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