One Thousand Words

One Or Two Pictures

I deeply care; do you?

Social Media changed so much that I think about webrings, curated gardens full of links I've pruned or fertilized. I was going to say "pruned or promoted" but that's too many Ps.

  • Chicago
  • Parent
  • Chronically Ill
  • Bipolar
  • Bisexual
  • Can't think of another "bi" word

This note covers some of my greatest secrets, written on the paper beneath. How do you hide something? Leave it in plain sight, that none realize its importance.

"Were you an Ancient Egypt Kid or a Greek Mythology Kid?" Buddy, I was a high fantasy kid who also was into stage magic. My mythology was almost entire Irish with some Scottish thrown in, like salt in a stew pot.

I was born during an ice storm and a full solar eclipse and I have failed spectacularly to live up to the portents surrounding my introduction to the world. I am possibly the most mundane person you have ever met or will ever meet. I like roasted broccoli and enjoy getting socks as gifts. I'm old, I fart. Rest assured you're cooler than I am.

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