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31 Days of Horror: Hiatus


I have a sick kid, so haven’t been able to watch movies lately.

He’s not worryingly sick, just sick enough to stay home from school (first with a stomach bug, then with a cold).

If he were 10 or older I’d try to find movies to watch with him/around him. But he’s 5, and my review of “Curious George And The Big Halloween Boo Fest Of Ridiculous Circumstances” would only devolve into a rant about colonization and the 1%.

I’ll finish up reviewing 31 movies total, but alas, it might not happen until after October is finished.

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November is a lot of national SOMETHING SOMETHING month


In addition to nanowrimo, naphopomo, and nachopomo, November is also nablopomo; but it isn’t nanomango which takes place in June. (According to Wikipedia, November is also a lot of other stuff.)

Are you doing anything especially writery for November?

I’m going to try and update MAH BLAHG every day during the month of November and also work on outstanding pieces of fiction I have open as opposed to starting new pieces of fiction that won’t get finished. Is there a “national finish your stupid writing already” month or a “national edit your rough drafts” month or something?

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Search Weirdness


What the hell, people? Who is doing google searches for “Nesko hair” and why?

Dang, I am baffled. BAFFLED.

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New Theme


Autumn is my favorite season, and I have a new word press theme to celebrate.

Is this the most useless post ever? Most likely.

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*preen, preen*


Also, I was linked on “When Fangirls Attack” again, for my review of DAR.

My eCock is HUGE.

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Navel Gazing


I was poking my stats the other day and saw two interesting ways that people had arrived at my blog.

One was an ask.com search for “watching people fuck,” which lead to a post about “watching people fuck up the kiss’n’ride” at the Cumberland CTA station. Uh, sorry. I don’t think that’s the kind of people fucking you wanted.

The other was a search for “Leia Weathington.” As someone clicked from my page to her LJ, I can only hope that they found their way to her safely.

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Blog Roll & CTA


Why are the majority of personal blogs I read by people with kids? I have no clue. I have no driving goal to have kids OMG RIGHT THIS SECOND, and I’m not kid-crazy or anything. But I enjoy reading these peoples’ blogs and reading about their kids. Maybe they’re just writers I like, who happen to have kids, and who happen to write about them, and that’s all there is to it. I don’t know. If you mosey on over to my Blog Roll you’ll see that most of the sites linked there are 1) moms with kids or 2) not really blogs, but sites I find interesting. HUH.

Tony sent me flyers talking about the CTA and its funding issues. I put them out on the counter that rings the desk I sit at. I’m a receptionist (among other things) with a lot of foot traffic, so people have been taking the flyers. One dude stopped to talk to me. He asked where they came from, I asked if he was going to hearings, that sort of thing. He said that while he’s been to hearings in the past, he doesn’t think the CTA will raise fares as high as they are threatening to. “It’s bully tactics,” he said, not in a disapproving way. “It’s just threats to make legislators act.” They’ve made those threats before and not gotten enough action, so I don’t think it’s just threats. I mean, the money has to come from somewhere, and Chicago has some of the least funded public transit in the country, if not the world. We have what could be a first class public transit system, and instead it’s second or even third class. We have this great infrastructure, and it’s falling apart and under served and understaffed and getting more and more expensive. And that’s depressing and not right.

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WordPress and Live Journal


Maybe you are wondering “Huh! What magic does Brigid use to allow her to post stuff to Word Press AND Livejournal at the same time? Pixies, perhaps? A system of tubes?”

Here is your answer.

I set up a wordpress account on my webspace, and then downloaded the a LJXP plugin at http://code.google.com/p/ljxp, which I unzipped and installed in my wp-content/plugins folder on my webspace. I then went to my dashboard and activated the plugin.

This automaticly caused a “livejournal” section to pop up under the “Options” tab, where I put in my LJ name and password.

I did this while slightly drunk.

Thanks to the ever awesome Serrana at http://stillawaysaway.com, and her charming and patient husband, who told me what to do. Huzzah!

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About Me


I am in the process of moving from Live Journal to this blog. Please bear with me.

I am a writer and an artist, working mainly in speculative and interstitial fiction, and pen and ink. I write fiction and fairly bad poetry, and I draw and I paint. I haven’t sculpted in awhile, mainly because I lack the free space and free time, and access to a kiln. I container garden. I live in Chicago. I’m married to a very wonderful man whose father is from Montenegro (Czrna Gora), and whose mother was a Displaced Person. In short, he’s very very American. We are expecting a son in mid-March.

I was born during an ice storm and full eclipse of the sun. I have since failed utterly to live up to the portents I was born under, but I’ve had a pretty good time doing so.

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